Thursday, April 7, 2011

Be Kissed

When you kiss me like this, I think you mean it like that,
if you do baby kiss me again

What a song! And what a video.
I had heard the song quite a few times and thought, just how beautiful is that! What meaning, could there be behind those words other than baby I love you with all my heart, I sure hope you feel the same... Yet what a sad ending to the video when the guy wakes up and realizes it was, all a dream. I honestly never expected that, yet again should I expect that Mr. Kieth would not bring one back to reality.

Now that brings back a few really sad memories. Loving someone, wanting to spend an entire life with them, then being shot down like mad rabid dog!
Thinking you have talked and know so well the thoughts and desires of someone elses life and believing that life and yours would be the dream come true! One of the fairy tale stories!
Laughing at all the same things, each saying funny things and making each other laugh. Feeling the joys of life and sharing them. Finding the funny or strange things of life and laughing about them together.
Loving to do more of the same things than you don't. Loving more of the same things than you don't.

Then! There you are, head hung low, sadness in your eyes, feeling lost, confused and broken as that other tells you, I don't love you anymore...
Once again becoming an empty soul, lost in a world that can't be real. Wanting it to be no more than a nightmare you will wake from.

May try with everything you can to make the other see how much you care. Then find, you only push them farther away. You call incessantly trying to hear one word that says, I still want you and see we should be together now. Instead you only hear a click of a call being ended.

May try in any way the mind can conceive possible to be a presence in their life, so they see you and realize they still want you. Only to realize, you look like a crazy stalker that needs locked away from humanity.
Broken, you finally hang your head and walk away. Still never understanding why?

Crawl in the hole of self pity, now wanting only to be alone. Wishing some how your life would cease to exist. Having a desire for someone to hold you, sooth your pain and make you feel wanted and needed again.

Then slowly. Ever so slowly. Against all odds you can imagine! You begin to heal. Each day a discovery of happy or sad, as you slowly begin to become a human again. A being that feels more than pain.

Is it the loyalty we build in a relationship that's so hard to break even for self preservation? Is it the failure that crushes of our self esteem? Maybe the question of whether anyone will ever really want us? Is it the need to make the best out of anything we have no matter the obstacles in our way? Does any of these even matter? When that end comes.

Many of these same questions could be asked for someone in any abusive relationship! Not just when a heart has been broken, but when a heart is being broken every day!

No matter what makes a soul feel bad. It's that long, slow, agonizing journey that can't seem to be shortened. The trip with no clear cut road map.
Yet, the trip that we must travel. The journey we need to take.

Put on the very best smile you can and travel that journey, knowing your not alone. I'm here sending you a kiss, a hug, and a warm knowing smile.

Should you know, or find someone in need, help them to again find their smile and share with them, your smile.


  1. Wow, been there, done that (more than once). Got a closet full of t-shirts to prove it. Yes, it takes a long time to get over something like that, but I found out it's the best thing that could happen. There's always a reason for something, and who am I to ask? In fact, I thank my "lucky stars" on a regular basis, that the relationship(s) didn't work out. Stange how things change, once one is in the right mindset and you can see things clearly for what they really are! My one piece of advice to male or female...Do NOT stay in an abusive relationship, meaning not only physical, but mentally and verbally. Do yourself a favor and get out now, before it might be too late.

    I like the song you mentioned. I think Keeper of the Stars, is also romantic. ♥

  2. Couldn't agree more with the idea of get out now!
    So many stay in an abusive relationship and it only get worse.
    Thanks Melodie