Monday, April 25, 2011

See And Do ?

Heard someone ask, but how do you see anything out in the middle of nowhere. Followed by what is there to do...
This year we're having and unusual year here. It's been pretty wet. Normally the snow melts and the ground dries up enough to work it before the April rains. So a little sun would be nice. But what do you see? What is there to do?

Winter, well I love looking across the huge fields of pristine snow. Even after a windy night and looking at fields of snow frozen in waves. Those waves look like waves of the ocean, frozen in time. The caps of the waves are rolled over and frozen in a timeless fall back to earth. Playing in the snow is fun. Simple sliding on your shoes after a short run. Sledding down hills. Snowmobiles. Even building a snow man and woman. One of the readers here sent a picture of two feet of snow. That I really want to try. It was really two feet fashioned of snow. That would give neighbors and snowmobilers a laugh as they go by! Wild animals in a desperate hunt for food.

Then spring, working in the fields, planting seed, watching things come to life and grow. The smell of fresh turned ground. Seeing the birds of summer return to treat you with songs and their play. Birds working real hard building their nests to start a new family. Their playful romance as they woo each other and build their desires. Trees shoot out their buds and begin to grow leaves, early flowers poke from their homes in the lawn. The feeling of warm sun driving winter cold from the bones. The new beginnings of life that spring brings each year. Now and the a bear traveling through as he hunts for food and a summer romance.

Then the sunny days of summer when you can play but still get work done. But my work always has been play to me. Walks through the cool woods with the trees reaching so high, yet shading you from summers blazing sun. Feeling the cool breeze while walking along hearing the forest floor rustle at your feet. Seeing rabbits, deer, pheasants, wood cocks, and all the wildlife hunting for a meal and playing. Having a gaggle of grouse flee to flight before your eyes when you spook them. Beautiful, but scary. They do sound like a squadron of helicopters when they burst from their cover. Wild turkeys scratching the ground in search of their next meal. There's the wildflowers of summer, the wild berries to be enjoyed while laying in the grass under a tree by a field. Watching cows grazing in the pastures. Seeing their young play. Seeing who is the leader today of the herd.

Hearing the roar of the tractor as it mows down a field of hay. The smells of the fresh cut hay. The sight of the hay laying in windrows so neat, waiting to be picked up to be stored. The sight of the breeze as it tickles those windrows. The trips round and round the fields as the hay is baled. Feeling the heat making you sweat as your loading and unloading that hay. Watching the barn get filled to the limits so there is enough hay to feed during the coming winter. Wading in a creek on a really hot day. Seeing the waves from the current and occasionally a fish swimming by.

Seeing the plants of the garden with all their tasty treats. Picking a red ripe tomato for a snack and having the juices running down your chin. Snacking on a fresh picked cucumber you snatched while walking by. Flower beds of beautiful flowers planted simply because they're pretty. Chasing away the pesky bunnies as they try to steal your bounty. Laying on your back for a rest on the ground and watching to see what shapes you may see in the clouds. Looking out over the tops of the mountains, letting your mind imagine all that might be there. Planes flying over as they take worried souls to their next destination.

But fall... All the beautiful color. Harvest time. Time for the fairs and seeing people you haven't seen for a year. Comparing the mental notes for the year. Sharing in all the good foods. Ooh, the smells, of those foods. Seeing kids play without a care. Smiling as parents try and chase them down. Working and playing in the crisp fall air, the smells of fall.

Guess there really isn't a time of year I don't love. I have only touched on what there is you might see. My friend, if your bored, if you can only see nothing while here, it is you who are so totally blind and can not feel.
Open you eyes and see all the beauty of this planet. Open your ears and hear all the music of birds and breezes as they blow, hear the sounds of people working, the sound of all life playing. Now close your eyes and taste what all this has to offer to fill your hungry soul.

May that taste be your smile for the day.

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