Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pretty Look

Again I heard someone ask about looks being the deciding factor in finding a potential mate.

As I point out, teens and young adults are all cute, handsome and pretty. But because they have no real wisdom, why else would anyone want them and the human race would probably cease to exist if that were not so. To many young minds can not realize there is so much more in the desirable qualities of a mind that has gained knowledge of life and has come to some understanding of life.

Real passion comes from the mind. Not looks. The beginnings of that also comes from the mind. The mind becomes stimulated before anything else. No mental stimulation and nothing else will come. Real pretty looks only bring on shallow stimulation. Same for love. Love based on cute looks may be cute love but nothing more.

Maybe this is where someone who is blind would have a great advantage over those of us who believe we see. We see the surface. Then it becomes a job to see what is below the surface because now we need to put what we see aside. If we don't, we become heartbroken and are left only to see the lack of depth of the person.

You may see a cute cup, but even though it's cute it may be made cheaply of cheap materials. How could that cup safely hold your favorite drink? Same could be asked for a cute person. If they are not made of good teachings and wisdom how could they safely hold your love?

I hear people all over asking why the divorce rates are growing so high.
Could it possibly be that people don't really take the time to learn the person they're with? Maybe that is why there used to be those long engagements before marriage. It does take time to really know some one and how they really think.

Even lies can't last forever. Eventually liars are found out by their own words. Something my mother used to say. Give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves... Makes perfect sense now, but when younger I never quite got that. Hmm, imagine that, mom was right???

But no... Today we live in a society that is in such a hurry to have everything right now. Yet by having what we desire at the drop of a hat we find ourselves unhappy when we find it's not really what we want. Only what we got by not looking carefully at quality. That can be the same for things or people!

I personally can't help but wonder if moms and dads don't help feed this hurt. By giving everything that children want, when they want, we feed the dependence of that immediate gratification. Then when children do get what they want they find there is really no satisfaction.

I thank my parents and grandparents who left me know that my basic needs were free, but what I wanted would need to be earned. By having to earn them I had to learn to look for quality or be hurt. Having to work to earn made that a more important lesson.

I did get some free wants. As gifts for Christmas and birthdays. But not every thing I wanted. Most had to be bought by me with money I earned. I also learned that thing called patience. Now that's something we don't see enough of today.

So smile today as you see impatient people scurrying about in a hurry to fulfill their desires. Smile and be glad your not one of them...

So what do you think? Don't be afraid to comment and share. We grow by sharing and learning.

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