Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nope, Not Worth It

Don't know just how to approach or start this post. So I'm just going to start typing and see where it goes. I will say it borders on adult but isn't quite there.

The old guy goes bad boy.

There I was hanging out on the internet at a site I frequent when I received an interesting e mail from a lady. I open it and wow! Was I surprised. Well I closed it and moved on. Little bit later I heard from a great friend and we chatted a long while. But it is the kind of friend you may find only once in a lifetime.

After chatting and signing off I had a bite to eat and more coffee. It was a beautiful day and was the first really warm day of this year. So I walked out and sat on the porch. As I sat listening to the birds and enjoying the smells of spring I couldn't get that e mail out of my mind. But I am a very curious kinda guy. And I did wonder about the kind of thing that the e mail was leading to.

So thanks to that curiosity I returned to the couch and signed back on line. Who knows, this could even lead to a interesting blog post. I mean I'm sure that others wonder, because I hear the topic come up quite a bit. So OK, I'll do it for research! Sorry don't let the BS fool you. It was curiosity.

I opened the e mail and proceeded to read beyond where I had read before. Yup. I was right. Some one was trying to goad me into on line uhh, shall we say thrills. Like I said, I'm curious. Always wondered what anyone would see in that. So I mustered up all the romance and sweet talk I could and replied.

Spent the entire afternoon messaging back and forth. Keeping it civil but bordering on raunchy. Sometimes really stretching that border. The kind of stuff you would read in those really passionate love stories. Which is something else I don't get... The e mails would at times fly like lightening and at other times were a bit slower. Hey, my head just don't keep up real well with that stuff. But... I have been alone a long time and have given up.

I wanted to do some copy and paste and show you some but... There is none I would have on this blog that anyone could see. No way. There was a bit of copy and paste I did, but what was there didn't make any sense without the rest. So that was of no use at all. My way of seeing it. That's bedroom talk and when out of that room is nothing but filth.
OK, so there is a bit of prude in me. Laugh if ya want. I would!

But what I did find was that I was absolutely right in my previous assumption that internet uhh, thrills, were not as thrilling as some try to lead you to believing. They really are just stupid. Now yes, I'm still a man with all the feelings I had when I was a teen. I do have better control now that I'm older but the feelings are still live.

I did not! Feel any excitement at all. Never felt hot under the collar for any reason other than it was getting hot outside and the house was warming up. Even my son who passed in and out of the house quite a bit said how dumb it seemed when I would show him the e mails. Matter of fact he said something about that being the kind of girl you definitely wouldn't want.

I'm proud of that boy, err, young man.

So there it is, my experiment led by curiosity, and how I still see the answer to internet uhh, thrills.

Dumb, stupid, can not bring any real enjoyment. Another thing I'll add though. In my honest opinion, any one who would get thrills from something like that would probably be someone to stay away from. Ya just never know what ya might get that even strong cleanser won't scrub off. It would also not be the girl you'd want to take home and introduce to momma. She'd probably knock your ears off.

I will experiment with about anything, but for now, there is to much disgust in my head to try anything. At least for a while.

So smile at yet again, an answer to a question that has so many wondering.

I can't believe I did that and worse I can't believe I'm telling anyone let alone, the world... I need some serious help...................................................


  1. Ivan, you crack me up. Now that curiosity got the better of you, and you BS'd through all that, it was all in fun and for entertainment purposes only. ;) Yep, not one to bring home to Mama, for sure! Like the song states....Ain't nothing like the real thing, Baby..... SMILES, ☺ M.

  2. Ain't nothing like the real thing Baby...
    Now theres a song I haven't heard in a long long while! You do realize I'll have that stuck in my head all day now right??? : )
    Smiles right back at ya Melodie!

  3. It has always seemed strange to me, that sex has become such a lurid thing. Something that was meant to be special between two people has become a game people play and like many games, people often get hurt. I may be old fashioned or even a prude, but I don't see how anything with no "soul" in it, can bring happiness. A short moment of physical relief perhaps, with possible repercussions. I wonder if the people who do this are just incredibly lonely, but then why do sex on-line? there are so many ways to connect with people. I don't know...I can understand the curiosity of seeing what it was like, but I think you found what you knew would be there anyway. A lot of empty guilt inducing, so-called, pleasure. Which wasn't very pleasurable at all. Just yucky and empty. I feel sorry for that girl. Sad. Interesting post matey.

  4. Completely true Tamsin.
    And the guilt inducing... I didn't start the conversation, but yet, I feel guilt. Kind of feel like I used the lady I e mailed with!
    Maybe I'm a tad to moral???