Monday, April 11, 2011

WWW Love ?

Is it possible to find someone you could have deep feelings for on the internet?
How could you possibly have feelings for someone you've never physically met?

I've often wondered about something like that being real. We've all heard of that. Internet dating. How could that possibly work and have good endings... There are just to many people in this world out to find another person to use.

Yet I suppose if two people would meet each other over the WWW, they could write enough and eventually, no truth could be hidden. When keeping or remembering what was said in those e mail letters you should be able to learn if someone is real or not. Learn their good or even great qualities. Even learn their bad. If the bad's not to bad then I guess you could accept them.

As for the internet dating services... Well I guess if two people were really honest in their communications and took enough time, they could possibly end up with a fine romance leading to a great relationship. Yet one must be aware of fake people. The users of the world.

Then stands the chance that two who find each other could be from opposite sides of the world. Each feeling at one but separated by oceans. Long distant relationships could maybe occur. Nothing physical except the way two minds would touch and find something that could put to shame the physical.

Physical? What is physical but the culmination of two who feel love. Two hearts beating yet never touching in a physical way? Two minds that enjoy each other. Two people who feel each others words and ideas. Two who share openly and honestly all the experiences of their days and lives.

Maybe kind of like two spirits. Not having bodies, but more like two independent forms of energy, spirits, touching each other as no man could ever rationalize. Spirits who fall in love.

Maybe it could be possible that two people that feel deeply enough would never have to touch in the passions of joining two bodies. Haven't we all had at least one friend in our lives that we were so close to that we knew each others thoughts? Knew what the other would do even before they did? Knew they would laugh, knew they would cry or be hurt.

Love is more than the joining of two bodies for the fulfillment of lust. Or even any of the human physical desires. Think when you were but a young child and you felt your parents love. You never thought of them in a way other than spiritual. Nothing physical that included the lustful desires we learn.

So I can see where two people could meet over the internet. Spend time chatting. Writing e mails. Learning who each was. Being open and honest. Then falling in love. Not know for sure what each looks like but loving the minds so deeply that the superficial just would not matter.

Then maybe eventually being together. Laughing and playing like two little children. Enjoying together all the mysteries to be found. Walking and holding hands. Sharing each others views in real time and smiling. Having a love that's possibly better than any other could even be. A love found only in the deepest parts of the mind.

Just something on my mind that I've been thinking about... Think about it yourself. Share here in the comments what you think if you will.

But remember, smile and have a great day!


  1. Can it happen? Yes. Does it happen? Yes.

    I know someone who met two people, at two different times. The first one, the poor guy was "taken." She duped him, after he spent money to travel to another state to see her, and spent a good amount of money on her, only to find out she had lied about EVERYTHING, including being a widow. Now, that's just WRONG! The second one, he married, and she turned out to be a real flake. His first marriage, not hers. Raising her children like heathens.

    I guess that whole thing can work for some, but I still like the old fashion way. I've seen it NOT work, more than it HAS worked.

    Always keep fantasy and reality separate. :)

  2. 100% right Melodie! Keep fantasy and reality separate!
    So many people in such a hurry that never really get to know the entire person before giving their selves.
    Yet that I see so much in face to face meetings also...
    There may have been something to those long engagements of before.

  3. I have seen it work and seen it not work. And i've seen hearts broken. I think the problem is having realistic expectations and seeing what is really there, rather than what you want to see. I think you can deeply feel for someone you meet on-line, but keeping fantasy and reality separate really is a very prudent point. We must be able to search through what the other tells us in order to determine if it all adds up and i think we all do that to begin with, but some people are so in need of love they miss the warning signs when they're faced with them. Once you're more aware and not so 'needy", I think it's easier to see the truth and recognize a lie. And if love comes to you from across the oceans and you sense all is right and the signs look good, then grab it with both hands and don't let go. ;-)

  4. I agree, Tamsin, especially about the "needy" part. So many on a rebound. However, still listen to your heart, heed the warning signs, see the red and yellow flags, and above all, I still believe if it's too good to be true, it probably is. As Ivan stated, long term isn't all that bad. One needs to be sure, and if it's "real", it will be there for longer than an email away. ☺