Monday, April 18, 2011

What's That

Thought I'd return to a few of the questions I hear when some people stop by for a visit. Most leave me with a smile...

Eww, whats that smell?
My stock answer is, the other end of ice cream... That delicious milk and butter you enjoy... That's the smell that makes those tasty burgers you eat.
Now that may get some to not having a desire to eat any dairy or beef products for a while. But they'll be back. The human desire to eat great tasting food is very overpowering.

Yup. Cows eat food and produce milk that becomes our food. Cows eat a lot. No, I mean a lot... Well when a creature eats... It works its way through and comes out the other end. No different than a human other than a cow eats a lot more and the resulting outcome is far greater.
Personally, I don't think it's quite as bad of an aroma as humans leave wafting through the air when the results are realized. But... To each their own opinion.

Then when they see those results in a barn... You mean they ---- on the floor?
Well, no one has designed a toilet for them and they are still beasts. Don't think they'd use one if we did give them one. No they seem to enjoy giving me something to do.

You mean you have to clean that up, every day?
It don't clean itself. And I've tried asking them nicely if they would clean their own mess up. But just as a teen child, they ignore me. They are very good at that. Why if teens ever figure out just how good cows are at ignoring adult requests, we adult are through. And just like those teens, they always show you love when they want food.

Also like many teens, when you feed them and play with them they'll give you sweet kisses. But a kiss from a cow requires a towel to dry off. They must be French : )
Another like teen children they do, is poop all over you if you get in the way. When you see a cow begin to raise its tail... Run. Move in any direction except towards the cow. That stuff can splatter many, many feet away.

The back end of a cow is one real good place to stay away from. Sometimes only because they might not realize your there. Then when they do... They get excited and scared. That can bring on a swift kick you will remember for a really long time while you stare at an ugly painful bruise or even ache from a broken bone...

One I hear mostly from women, probably because they do most of the laundry, is how do you clean that off? : )
Not much different than cleaning diapers. If it is real bad you run to the hose and rinse all you can, away down the drain or outside onto the ground. You may walk around with wet pants for awhile. But it dries. Other than that, well you scrape off what you can. Then wash them. Same as dirty diapers. Yup, it all comes out in the wash.

But doesn't it stain? Sometimes it does. But isn't that why we have work clothes and good clothes... Stains will be stains will be stains. When you dedicate clothes for particular work, stains become less of a problem. Should you be like me and dumb enough to forget... Well you end up with more work clothes.

Like anything else in life. It's all attitude. If you don't want something to bother you, find a solution. Sometimes that solution is to just decide not to let some things bother you. There's always some kind of poop in everyone's life...

So now that I have “relieved” myself of these questions. : )
Go about your day and smile!
You probably don't have near as much poop in your life as I do...


  1. What an endearing story. Thanks for the laughs. I don't mind the smell of a barn. In fact, I kind of like it. Strange? However, I know when cows eat citrus, it's not so pleasant. ICK!

    When I was a kid, I was told that kids with freckles got them because they were standing too close behind a screen door when the cow "let loose." ☺

    Thanks for starting my week with a smile, Ivan. ☺

    Uhh....don't forget to kiss the cows for me. ♥

  2. Thanks Melodie! But... You mean that isn't where freckles come from????????????? LOL