Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Respect What

Often we hear about respect. Respect is a good thing to practice and to teach our children.

Having respect for things that belong to others is essential to having a fun life and not hurting others or making others sad. Simply if it's not yours it belongs to someone else. It may be their prize possession and give them a lot of joy and happiness.

Because of a lot of local news I see I'll also say, it may be something they need and use for work to earn a living for their families. Big equipment can be fun to operate and use in an appropriate way. Taking that big equipment and destroying other big equipment with it or taking it for a joy ride down the road and destroying buildings and businesses is not so much fun when your caught. You will pay for the crime of theft and will be made to pay for what you have destroyed. You will also have a black mark against your reputation.
It's sad that I see so much of this in the news lately...

Respect for others is not something that is just a given. Respect must be earned. You do something to hurt others you do not deserve respect. That black mark against your reputation will follow you and mess up your future. You could have a very hard time finding a decent job. Part of decisions for hiring someone is their reputation. A good reputation can take years to build and one simple stupid moment can destroy that and leave you having to start all over, but below the bottom.

We often hear we should teach our children to respect. Way to often though we hear this from people who do not earn respect. Many are mean nasty grumpy people who even I can not respect, but rather just tolerate and do my best to stay away from.

Teaching our children to respect things that are not their own is without a doubt, one of the best things we can teach. Teaching to respect that others are different and we can accept that is good. But I question teaching respect for people. Doing that leaves confusion in a mind. Why should anyone respect someone who makes them feel unsure or bad? Makes them feel their life is in danger? Or even some who would abuse?

We try to keep our children from talking to strangers, then turn around and try to teach them to respect everyone. That sounds confusing to even me...

Respect has variables. I'm sure you can think of many on your own.
Even some Priests have shown they deserve no respect, but must be watched with wary eyes... Some Police have been found who do bad things and do not deserve respect. Even some teachers. These jobs and titles deserve respect, but the people who have them don't. That respect must still be earned.

This is confusing for adults who have minds that already have learned, experienced and grown. So how hard is it for children that are told just to respect?

Maybe it sounds a bit cynical... Maybe it is. Maybe some great writer should if they could, write a book about respect and try and clarify some teachings we should be doing. Maybe someone has and I just haven't heard of it.

But in the mean time, maybe we should consider before teaching our children about respect, then teach them a little more clearly about it. Ugh... Another thing that will take a lot of thought and work. But it may well be worth it. Our children will have a little less confusion to work out for their self.

As for those that I hear saying you should teach your children respect... I think I'm gonna start telling them while looking them in the eyes, You will get what you earn and deserve.

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