Friday, April 29, 2011

A Fulfilled Want

I was out taking a ride on the four wheeler a few weeks ago an a warm beautiful spring day. I wanted to show a friend what I see. A friend who lives very far away and can't just come and see.
I still want my friend to see, but I would also like all my visitors and followers to see as well. I guess I'm just sort of silly that way. So here it is.
It was still early spring, so much of the landscape is still brown and only beginning to awaken from it's long winters rest.

You can click on the pictures to see them full size!

This ride has become a regular. I did used to walk it, but walking is harder now, so I ride.

This is a view of home from a neighbors field. That tree line is the property line, but neighbors love to share what is theirs as much as I do with them. We ride each others property with respect for each others fields and crops by riding along the edges of fields.

I moved back along my neighbors field a bit to show what a view towards the north and across some of my fields looked like. Next I'll go to the right in the field ahead.

This is at the back of that field looking west, back towards the house.

I've riden through the backs of the fields on the east, then through a trail through the woods and am now at the northeast corner of another field. That's the pine trees and top of the house looking southwest from here.

Here I've riden up to about the middle of the field you saw last to show this northwest view of the mountains.

This is the same spot looking southwest.

Again from the same spot looking south towards the side of the house.

Same spot again but looking north

I've driven across the road and here is another view to the west.

A little better view of the southwest from here.

East from here.


More towards the south. That lonely pine tree standing among hardwoods just right of center, is where I started taking these pictures this from.

Once again I've headed west. As you begin to crest the hillside this is another view towards the southwest.

As I rode across the bottom field there were two deer here. But, by the time I got the camera and could take a picture they left. Guess they really don't like having their pictures taken. This to though is a part of the farm that isn't really used much anymore. It extends behind those trees off in the distance.
I do have a trail there that we will come to.

Here we enter into a small three acre field that begins to form an L in the shape of this place. That big brown spot on the left is another field we will come to. But as wet as it is I'll have to go back to the road to get there.

While taking the road I stopped above the back yard of my daughter and son on law's house to show what they can see of home from there. From their actual back yard though the view isn't this good.

That field I pointed out two pictures back. This is what home looks like from it's farthest corner. That small field just left of center is where I took that picture before.

This is the road I call a trail across the back of the woods in the bottom. I always felt a way to drive through this was a good idea. But no one else did. So after I finally became the owner and my two youngest kids got older, we began our quest to build this road. There are three springs that formed deep ditches over the years. We worked hard putting in pipe and then filling them enough to get through, but it is so worth the effort. It's just so calm and beautiful here and so cool in the hottest of summer.

As a boy this was a hike. That green spot under the trees was always worth the effort though. It is where I would hide to escape the world and read, think and relax on hot afternoons and even warm ones. This still is my favorite refuge when the world closes in and begins to make me feel troubled.
It's not at all unusual to be visited by deer and bunnies while sitting quietly here and thinking. The smells of the woods and nearby bottom and creek, along with the sounds of nature are here to calm and soothe the soul. Unless it's hunting season you never see another person to disturb you either.
I had thought about building myself a little cabin or house here, but realized that would just ruin it. No that grass forms a real comfy blanket to lay on and is as perfect as tranquility could be.

Coming back out I stopped again at the corner of that last field. This is the ground I gave to my daughter and son in law because farming is in the blood and they really seem to want to and seem to appreciate the beauty and all it holds dear and I believe they will take good care of it.
These fields are also the fields I was working in when the inspiration for my poem, Deer Reunion, came to me. That fawn was laying in wait for it's mother in the farthest left here.

Hope you enjoyed the picture tour! And hey, I'll try and do it again when everything is green and the trees have grown their leaves for the year.

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  1. So vast and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm already looking forward to the next time. I always love your photos. ☺