Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who's Smarter

We have two dogs living here with us. We also have a big, very old tom cat that lives anywhere he wants. Usually in the barn tucked away nice and cozy amongst the bales of hay. Until he decides to wake and stalk out evil mice. But that is why I like him so much.

He is one really great hunter of mice that think nothing of invading the outbuildings and destroying anything they can.
He doesn't bother with the mice in the fields. Just the thieves and vandals, the destroyers of our peace, that think nothing of others possessions and hard work.

Now back to the dogs. One is a very old beagle who now likes to spend her time sleeping and eating. Not much energy any longer, but a very sweet and loving creature she is! She only wants to chase bunnies in her dreams now. She doesn't care for much excitement...

The other, I allowed my son to get. He is an American Bulldog Terrier. AKA, Pitt Bull. Now he's a confused little guy. But that's in his genes. The Bulldog that wants to lay around taking life easy and spend much time sleeping, then the Terrier who can't stay still for a second and always has to seek adventure. These poor guys are born needing therapy...

The doggie that was bred to help control monster size cattle when they didn't want to be controlled. The doggie that would save people who were to slow to get out of the way of the angry cattle that needed to be controlled. A dog that was bred to work. The fearless dog! Yah, right...

This guy runs for cover at the roar of thunder. Should you drop something and it crashes to the floor with a thud. He jumps and has a scared look in his eyes as he tries to find a place to hide. Usually at my feet! Now he does have no fear of the cows, but instead he nuzzles them and shows his love. Should one begin to get angry and out of hand, he will bark and growl and let them know there is no place for that kind of behavior. But otherwise he's a meek little guy that loves to play. He shows nothing but love and a desire to please and play to anyone who comes around. But just like me, he's willing to defend and will, should it be necessary!

Point is, we all live here and get along. We don't let preconceived notions of what one should be blind us to what we really are. That old tom cat. Well he swatted the dogs once or twice to show them he would not be messed with. The dogs and him will now lay together sleeping.

That old beagle, she had to let that big old pitt bull know where she stood on subjects of tired, too much energy and whose food was whose. I've had to assert myself a few times with all of them to teach them my ways and rules. No different than with raising kids and teaching them not to be wild. Never quite making each other hate. More like getting to know each other and how to get along.

Now we are really all different kinds of creatures. Not one of us looks alike. We don't speak the same languages. We all come from different backgrounds. Heck we're all different colors. Yet we all live in a peaceful existence. Filled with understanding and caring, under the same roof and on the same territory. WE! Are family.

Even those cows that live in the barn and the fields look forward to seeing the rest of us and we them. We all marvel at birds as they search for food, make nests, sing us their songs and fly.
The diversity of life we have here is just so interesting. So much fun.

Why is it that the humans of this world, the most intelligent beings, the superior forms of life on this planet! Why are we always fighting?
Why can we not be intelligent enough to discuss differences? Differences of self and differences of the world. Then learn, grow and become something better, than we are today... Why can we not accept each other...

Sure makes me smile as I ponder the intelligence, or lack there of, between humans and critters.

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