Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maple Trees

There are two maple trees in my front yard. Both are Norway Maples and both were planted at the same time. They were planted long before I was alive by my great grandmother, shortly after my great grandfather put this house up. Those trees were there before the power lines were here.

The power company sends guys out to trim these two Maple trees every few years. They would like to take them off at the ground. I won't let them. When they are done trimming those trees they look silly from up or down the road. Kind of like Mickey Mouse ears...

But though the winter and on rainy days I can see those trees from my favorite seat in the house. I've spent many hours watching birds play on the limbs of those trees. I've even watched that cat try climbing the trees after the birds. They tease him. They watch him climb. Then walk carefully out the big limbs. But when he gets close... They fly away. They return as soon as he leaves. Sometimes the birds will only fly a few branches away and they seem to be laughing at him. So I laugh too.

Now these trees are made of the exact same things. They are both Norway Maples and are the same age. They are both trees. Yet the trunks of those two trees are different. One is really big around and the other is skinnier. Both are about the same height. Yet one has more big branches that the other.

Both trees are planted in the same type of soil and get about the same food. Both trees have branches growing in different directions. When you look at them they are just trees. But when you really look at them and get to know them they are different. Really different.

It's kind of sad that so many look at people, like so many people look at those trees. They never see the differences. Not all blacks look the same. Not all whites look the same. Not all women look the same. Give me a break... I have known so many people from so many places around this globe that I have seen so many differences in not only the races, but the people their selves.

No two people are the same. I've watched twins. The twins were born about the same time and even shared the same genetic makeup. But by their own perception of things in their lives they grew to be different people. They still looked alike, but when you really took the time and got to know them, you could see all the differences. One set of twins I knew looked so much alike that it was not until I would talk to one that I knew who they were.

Unless a person is really a bad person, take a little time and get to know them. You may be surprised at who you find.

You guys out here... Not all women are alike. Yes, they're women. But there the likenesses end. Each and every one is different, just as different as you and your friends. Each has different needs beyond the basics of life. Each has different wants. Each has different passions and desires. Again just like all your friends.

You want your lady to be happy? Talk with her, listen and observe, find out who she really is.

Hey, now go and have a really great day and observe. See what you can find to make you smile and while your at it, give someone else a reason to smile!


  1. I love that you remind readers to take the time to see the good things in life. I love your stand on woman and how you try to help guys accept their woman more. I love that you remind us to look out for others and try to make someones else happy. reading your blog is a lesson in how to be a better person and I thank you for that Ivan. God bless your cotton sox and everything else too! ;-)

  2. Aww them cotton socks. : )
    Your one special lady you are!
    Thank you again!
    But do I wear socks : )