Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things A Guy Should Remember

A few things were brought to my attention again yesterday while I was here on the internet and doing some reading. I can't remember the exact text but I will try to put what I read in words.

One was, the way that some guys yell at their wives.
It was said that while your yelling at your wife, there is some man who wishes only to talk sweetly to her.

Another was about how some men treat their wives.
While your slapping, punching or beating on your wife, there is a man who only wants to hold her and treat her like a lady.

There were probably more, but I honestly didn't look at them all that long. But I'll add a few more from my own mind.

While your ignoring the woman of your life, there is a man that wants to give her all the attention he can and would not for a second forget her.

While your not holding her hand, there is a man who will and be proud of her.

While your not giving her flowers, there is a man who would stop and pick her some from a field.

While your walking out in front of her, there is a guy who is watching that would walk with her and hold doors for her.

While your not giving her kisses, there is a man who would hold her and kiss her with warmth and passion like she deserves.

While your refusing her a pretty new dress, there is a man who would at least try and buy her the store.

While your not taking her out to dinner, there is a man who will take her to dinner, for drinks and dance the night away with her. Or will cook her a dinner. Then clean up after by himself for her.

While your not helping her do the dishes, there is a man who will help her and will help clean the whole house.

What would you do to keep your sweetheart in your life and not have her open to and thinking of the desires of another man?
If you don't believe they think about it maybe you should spend some time here on the internet reading some of the thoughts of women. Find out about how hurt they can be because some fool isn't showing them the love and respect they want and deserve.

What does your girlfriend or wife want from you? Now that's a question I hear when I'm around guys. Simple pal. Open your ears and listen to her. Spend an evening with her, instead of your buddies. Out with the guys or at a bar. Talk with her, and when she talks. Shut up and listen. Listen like your life depends on it. It does.

If your not listening there is someone who will and already may be. He probably feels sorrow for her and the plight your putting her through. He doesn't like to see her cry and will probably help dry her tears and make her smile. Then my friend. She'll be gone...


  1. Wow....Just wow. That is one of the most special things I have read. There aren't any more words I can think of to add. Amazing.

  2. I just hope it helps... Thanks Tamsin!