Wednesday, April 6, 2011

All Messed Up

Ahh, Marilyn Monroe. I may be going back a bit far for some to remember...
There was one real pretty person. Not only beauty, but talent. She made people laugh, made people feel warm, made some very excited, could even bring a tear. Such a full wonderful life, yet a life so short.

Rock Hudson! Now there is a name that used to make many women's heart beat a little faster. What a fantastic film career! That guy left me feeling like I was a part of the movie. I was kinda young and also felt a little jealousy. Man... He had all those beautiful women and wow what a great looking life.

Sweet little Lindsay Lohan. Many of us watched that little girl grow up in ads, on TV and the movies. Watched in awe at her preformances. She made many young lads hearts, go pitter pat. Look at her life now...

Charlie Sheen. Other than raving about many of his movies and saying how much I'd laugh at the latest TV series he was in. The following of shallow girls that can't wait for a chance to be with him, and the not so shallow, who made an escape. What more needs said...

Heck, I could go on all day! But I'll just let it stand here.

So where am I going with this? Another review? No...
If you don't know the lives of some who I've mentioned. Use you favorite search and see for yourself. All those beautiful people had something in their lives that really wasn't so beautiful. EVERYONE DOES! That's just life...

It would be so nice if we could just take out our brains and shake all the dust, junk and bad things out, wouldn't it... It would be nice to just take it out and have a garbage collector carry it away with all the other trash from our lives. It would be nice to erase the yesterdays!
But bummer... We can't.

It would be really nice if we could reboot our brains like a computer that's got to much crammed and stuck in the RAM. Yet again, we can't.
Nope. We're stuck with bad things that happen to us, bad things we do in moments of dumb. Nasty hurtful things people say. Even ugly images of ourselves we've drummed up, or others have given us.

No eraser, no reboot, no vacuum cleaner, not even a dust rag. Whatdayado...?
Well... We can forgive others. We can even push others hurt given to us aside and still manage to have a friendship.
Why, can't we forgive ourselves???

Me. I kinda take all the old crud when it pops up in my mind, and think about it. Decide if it has any use in my life, or can be of some value. If so, I do my best to remember it and why. The useless and hurting stuff. Well I can't unlearn so it's just there. Maybe as a warning to me to not make the same mistakes again. Be they things I did or things that were done or said to me.

Other people that have caused pain or bad feelings, I let those memories be a warning to watch out for who I talk to and take as a real friend. I let them help me decide if a person is really a friend, has a potential to become a friend or is just another of a really long long list, of acquaintances.

OK, I'm done boring you for the day. Besides, I want a kiss!
I'm gonna go see the cows and see if one of them will give me a big sloppy kiss : )
May your day become bright and a smile bring you warmth and happiness!


  1. Yeah, somehow, my life isn't so messed up, compared to some!! I KNOW I'm Blessed!

    Give the cows a kiss for me. ☺ I got lots of kisses from my horse today. ♥

  2. And horses don't judge! They just love. Thanks for another great smile Melodie!!!