Monday, May 2, 2011

Do Not Plan

Ever had a day that all you wanted was to lay down and take a nap?
I often wonder why it is that I can have nothing that has to be done and be sittin around the house being bored to death by the television and no one will ever stop for a visit. Not one sole will call either.

But let me have a busy day and all manner of folks will want to stop by and chat. These are also the days that someone will wonder up the road and try to sell something. Now I don't like to be rude so I usually stop what I'm doing and chat. Being polite is a nice thing to do and a good way to make friends. It's also a way to learn all the local news that the media will not air.

All the media wants to air is the big things that interest them and their advertisers. They don't care if Molly and her husband had that baby they were expecting. They could care less if little Timmy is doing good at little league baseball. They probably don't even know about arm wrestling and surely don't know that an old friends son was in a championship and doing well.

Maybe some would call that stuff gossip. I don't I call that the important news. Gossip is what that little old lady and her new beau are maybe doing behind closed doors. That I don't care about. If they are enjoying each others company, I'm happy for them.

But there are also those days when your just tired. You know there is some work to do that can not be avoided, but you plan to get those chores done and then kick back and take a snooze. So you get up and get dressed, walk out and feed the cows. Then fill up their water trough and try to pry open your eyes enough to make sure everyone is there. Turn around and walk back to the house and pour a nice hot cup of coffee. Watch a little news and check the e mail with plans to just take the rest of the day easy and maybe if your lucky, have a nice quiet nap. Or two or three.

I have come to the conclusion that one should never plan for a day like this. One should plan the day for plenty of work and then, just fall asleep. Don't say a word or tell a soul your going to do it, just keep your mouth shut and do it. Don't even consider in your head that you will.

My reason... Well I had my Sunday planned like that. I fed, came in and got some coffee. Turned the TV on and found some news to catch up and be sure the world was still out there. Even got on line and checked the e mail. It was still kinda early so I got off the computer and figured I'd catch that first nap.

Nope. The computer hadn't even finished shutting down and yes... The telephone rang. I had thoughts that maybe my dear sweet daughter was calling to ask if I would like to join her and her family for breakfast. So I picked up the phone.

It was not my daughter. Instead it was a great friend and neighbor. He asked if I was missing a cow. My eyes rolled and my mind went immediately into the thoughts of OH NO! He went on to say he was out riding his fields and saw one of our cows along his field and almost to his house.

So I yelled to my son and told him to get up we had to go and bring home a cow. Yah... He was just as excited as I was about running through a wet field in the cold and rain trying to convince a cow it was time to come home. But we did.

I first rode to where my neighbor saw the cow last. No cow. I rode the edges of the field back towards home looking for the cow. No cow. Well, I left for the neighbors to see if the cow wandered a little closer to his place. As I was passing by another neighbor I heard a yell. I turned the four wheeler around and went back. Our cow was in his back of his house visiting with his cow...

Now cows don't take kindly to being told their visit and play time is over and it's time to go home. So we had to chase and play for a while. Finally we trapped the silly cow and slipped a rope on. Hooked the rope to the back of the four wheeler and pulled a loudly mooing resistant cow home. With the cow safely back home we had the wonderful job of searching the fence for the escape route then fixing it.

By the time we finally were finished and back in the house we were both hungry like bears after hibernation. So we went to one of our favorite all you can eat buffets and ate. Now we live about 18 miles away from the big grocery and other stores so decided while we were near we would get the few other things we needed.
By the time we got home it was time to get back to work and get the rest of the Sunday chores done.

So I learned from all this. Do not plan for taking naps or resting. Plan instead to be busy and then just fall asleep.

Have a great day and remember... Smile!!!


  1. Love the cows, love my naps. ☺ I hope after all that, you managed to catch a few ZZzzzzzzz's. Thanks for the smiles. ☺

  2. Comedy of errors. May not have been much fun for you, but it was hilarious to read! as Melodie above put it so well, I shall copy her sentiment and say thanks for the smiles too. :-)