Monday, February 28, 2011

Who's Responsible

If your boss asks or tells you to do something, you do it. When you have kids at home you work to make sure they are fed and clothed. You pay your bills.
That's all responsibility.
When someone asks you to do something and you say you will. That also becomes responsibility.

Well just like the boss, if you do not do what you said you would, people are not going to be happy. Then they are not as willing to share with you and may even not want you around. What the heck, if you don't pull your own weight and preform your tasks and I have to do them, then what is the point in having you around?

Now your boss would fire you or at least put you at the bottom of any promotion list. But friends and even relatives, will probably put you at the bottom of their friends list. Shirk those responsibilities to much and you will not even be on their friends list.

Face your responsibilities head on and deal with them. As you finish tasks you are responsible for you will find more inner happiness. That happiness begins to boost your ego and you just naturally feel better about yourself. Then there is the added benefit that others appreciate you more and they begin to like you more. You may even be on the way to a promotion.

Then there are those that are always asking for help but are always to busy to return the favors. Now there is no written rule. But when you help others and they never return that good deed when you need it the most, how can you want to keep on putting aside your life to help them.

This seems to occur so often to people I know and myself that I just had to get it off my chest. I can understand that someone could be to busy to help each and every time I need help. But every time... Then if I am in the middle of something when they ask and have to say no, they get angry at me!

I'm not some idiot that does favors or helps others and feels they owe me. I just think it would be nice if the favor were returned. Then maybe I would feel a little more friendly with some.

There are also those that promise they will come and help with things. But never show up...
If you can't help, say so! If you don't want to help, say so! Why make yourself out to be a liar... There is no way that could help build a friendship.

Then there are husbands, wives and kids that say they'll do things. But then never do... Well, how do you think that makes the family feel? Maybe like you don't care, or they're not important enough...

When you do not do the things you say you will, or that are appointed to you, others are not happy. When they are not happy how do you figure they will make you happy? Or even want to?

Now go and do whatever it is you said you would do. And don't forget that what goes around comes around, so help others who have helped you.

Get out there and smile! Spread smiles with smiles and have a really great day!

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