Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Twixt Six And Fifty

Why is it as children we tend to live, laugh, experience and enjoy? We say what we feel, we dance and sing, even though we look silly and can't carry a tune in a bucket. We look at everything with awe. We ask questions without hesitation.

Then we leave the security of home and family. Someone else we don't know and who doesn't know us, laughs and points us out to others and soon everyone is laughing and saying hurtful things. Making fun of us. Then we learn to feel bad...

Now we're on our journey of a life of worry that we will be laughed at. No longer do we feel free. No longer do we enjoy life. Instead we spend all our time worrying if we should or shouldn't do. Will those carefree thoughts and feelings we have be socially accepted if we do act on them?

At school, then work, even when on a vacation we fret that if we step beyond the so called socially accepted boundaries of what society says adults should be, that we will not be accepted. And we will be laughed at or put down.

Never mind that some people, namely comedians, earn a very nice living when they step beyond the bounds. Many actors who are idolized, act beyond the socially accepted bounds and earn more making one movie than most of us will earn in two or three years. Some in a lifetime!
Sports figures get paid big bucks for playing, and looking like idiots at times when they are playing their sports.

These “stars” are idolized. The public names their children after them. They tune in to watch them. They talk fondly about them. They lovingly laugh when actors and comedians act silly. They don't insult them and try to make them feel bad...

I can't exactly speak for all others, but somewhere around fifty I seem to have reverted back to my childhood mind. Once again I just don't care how anyone else feels about me. If they like me and find me funny, or some of the things I'll do hilarious, that's fine. If they don't then they can just turn around and go the same way they came.

I couldn't care less if some one doesn't like me. That is their problem!
It's not that I don't have insecurities, it's more that I don't let those insecurities get in my way of enjoying my day. I like to laugh and I like having fun. I really like acting like that innocent child.

There is a time to be serious, but I really think we are all taking serious to a stupid level when we let others dictate our feelings and actions. When we let others opinions get in the way of fun and enjoyment.

So today I lay out a challenge. Just do something silly to make someone burst out laughing.
Lay aside the thought that someone may find it stupid and criticize you. So what if they do. Do you need them anyway? Heck, when they see you becoming popular with all the people that will enjoy your loose happy sense of humor they may even envy you. I'm sure they will carry on their attack even more severely, but just keep your eyes and mind on the people who enjoy and your happiness. The nay sayers will slowly come around or not. Who cares...

The best way to get back at those who criticize is to ignore them and keep enjoying being yourself. Bullies can't stand that they can't make you sad like they are under their fake lifestyles, phoney smiles and put on airs.

Now get out there, have fun and smile. Share that good feeling and make someone else smile!

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