Friday, February 4, 2011

Lonely, Learn

Lonely stinks. Lonely makes us sad. Lonely hurts.

Been dumped? Look at it another way. You've been released! Freed from the eternal damnation of loving and caring about someone who wasn't good enough for you anyway.
See them with someone else. Yup, now that person has a leash around their neck instead of you. They probably look like a dog anyway. Probably smell like one too...

I hate to admit it but for a couple of minutes I felt glad when I'd heard that someone who I once cared for and who dumped me, took up with a guy that many of us knew was an abuser. He did it to his X wife and was also known to have done it to past girl friends...
My gladness didn't last very long at all, only a minute or two. Guess I'm a softie and can't hold a grudge. I then felt pity for her. It's not that I'd let her back in my life.
But, not one person alive deserves to be treated like that. Not even if she did hurt me. Then I felt bad for feeling glad in the first place...

When we're lonely it's so easy to slip into a pity party. Feeling bad for ourselves and even bringing everyone who comes near us down.
Is that the best use of the time? Probably not but... We do it.

Sometimes we may be better off finding something else to do instead of dwelling on relationships that have turned to disaster. And the people who have made us feel so bad.
They are probably having a good time so why should we suffer in silence and wallow in out broken emotions.

Maybe we should take this opportunity to try and learn something. With no one to bother us we could! With no interference we could probably learn things kinda fast.
If you really open you mind and at least consider the possibilities... Couldn't it be possible that something or someone in the universe is trying to say, please, give me a chance?
Learn a little about me and at least try, even for a slight moment of your life, to see if I'm real.

Heck, after many years of working I was laid up really bad. The lack of good health had me parked on my butt and I was lonely and bored to death. I could get around very little and needed a cane to do that. I met someone who was talking to teens about getting help to pay for education. I pondered it for a week or so then called and asked if there was a way he could help me. Well, there was. So here was this older bearded fool of a guy going back to school... That was a really strange feeling being around a bunch of energetic kids that didn't even know how to wear their pants properly! But I (like usual) said what I had to say, they got over it, we got to know each other and had fun! More, I managed to learn something and got a degree.

Quite a while before that I was left alone with two children. After hours socializing become a thing of dreams. If ya think that leaves a lot of spare time to go out and find someone your dead wrong. Then your not only looking for someone to make you feel good, you have to consider what influence they may have on your little ones.

So, I spent many evenings after getting them in bed all by my self. Tried some TV but that wore out real quick. Did plenty of guitar playing but without an audience that was boring. Did some painting and other crafts. That filled a bunch of evenings but yup... That got old too. Broke into a fit of reading. Read about everything in sight. Even pulled out some old dusty encyclopedias and was reading from them...

One evening after working all day, then feeding the kids supper, then going back outside and working here around the farm, then getting the kids bathed and in bed... I had nothing new in the house to read.

It was only about nine thirty or ten and I was in no way ready to fall asleep. I spied it laying on a bookshelf. Covered with dust. A book I hadn't given much thought to in years. That book that just lays in most homes that no one looks at but keeps on hand in case someone comes around. The book that we think will make us look good when people visit. But really isn't fooling anyone because even though it may be ten years old the binding, even though dust covered, looks like new and when you open it it may even still smell like new. Yup, that often overlooked, long forgotten, Bible.

I looked. Man I musta really been bored! I walked over and picked it up. Took of my dirty shirt and wiped away what looked like an eternity of dust. Took that sucker into the bedroom and sat in my comfy old broken down 50 year old chair. Reached up and turned on a lamp and cracked that book open and started to read.

Fast forward to today when I hear of all the problems in the world and it seems like every teenager out there has nothing but sob stories and I've begun to believe that there is absolutely no way there can possibly be any chance for hope for tomorrows society!
I'm surfin around the web and wow. What do I find...

A couple of young girls who even make me feel like there is hope for me! Two girls who are not whining but seem to have found a purpose to life and they sound happy. They are not boo hooing about some guy who dumped them and broke their hearts.

Would you like to see for yourself? OK, check them out.

This one is by a young Canadian lady who impresses me beyond my imagination. She seems to me to be on her way to a very rich and rewarding life.

Another I found is This young woman has found something in this world that helps others and wow, imagine this... Makes her, wait for it... Happy!

Here's another young lady that instead of whining about guys likes hunting for and trying out new recipes. The ones I've tried are fantastic and I enjoy reading her posts.

So there ya go. Three girls, that make me think there is still hope! And I'm willing to bet there are more...

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  1. It's wonderful to read about young people's dedication and love for life and God. Yes, there is hope. Thanks for sharing.