Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Just Wanna Go Home

Sunday there was a celebration of my youngest granddaughters fifth birthday. Her birthday though was on Valentines day. Well, the little sweetheart had to excitedly tell me that she was no longer a toddler. I laughed and told her yes, she was. She gave me dirty looks, put her hands on her hips and proceeded to tell me “no I'm a big girl now because I'm five”! So I put my grandpap smile on, looked her in the eye and said, “no, your still four until tomorrow”. She thought about it for a few seconds and said “well OK pappy but I'm still a big girl”!

Such a hurry to grow up... Now me on the other hand, I never wanna grow up. Been there, tried that and it's just no fun. Yah, you still have to do grown up things and face grown up responsibilities, but hanging on to that child like, fun loving, care free mentality is fun. It's just figuring out when you can and can't.

Sure enough, when my daughter picked up my granddaughter from pre school, she didn't want to go home. She made my daughter bring her to see her pappy. She didn't even have her coat off before she told me that now she was no longer a toddler and she was now all grown up.

Oh well, I pick and choose my battles, so I just smiled and agreed. Why not let her have that moment or even day or so, of victory. But I do find it interesting that she has skipped all that lies in between. I sure hope she remembers the conversation of the past two days when she's older and gets the same inner smile I have right now about it.

I left my daughter and son win quite a few battles when they wouldn't be hurt to bad from them. Some that did hurt turned out to be real good lessons. The others that didn't hurt are now looked back on and smiled about. Those lasting childhood memories... The kind that bring back warm feelings and let you know you were loved. I have quite a few of my own that my grandfather left me with.

He had a way when I was very young of smiling and telling me to stay out of mud puddles or my mother would get really mad at me. But, he'd never stop me. Then he'd laugh as my mother scowled and scolded me. I might get spanked and he'd just look at me and say, I told ya so. Hmm, he did that once when I wanted to walk out the back of the barn with my new boots on. Oh my! I'll probably never forget the screetch from my mother as I came into view with my no longer shiny, but instead, mud and manure covered boots... Might never forget that licken either!

Then there was grandma in the hen house. Sure you can have one of those brown eggs, just don't put it in your pocket.
Thinking back, Yah, she knew I would. Yup, there was mom that evening scolding me for the then hardened, broken egg crusted, pockets...

So why do I do those kind of things with my grandchildren? I know it causes parents to have some problems but hey, when those kids do become adults and sit around thinking. They'll remember and they too will be smiling like I am right now, feeling all warm inside and wishin for the good old days.

They may even lighten up and let their children or grandchildren have a bit of “kid fun”. Life is just way to short to take everything serious all of the time...
Splashing through a mud puddle may cause some extra work on wash day but heck, try it. Just stomp your feet as hard as you can while wading through and see for yourself how much fun it really is. It'll clean!
Maybe instead of being in such a hurry, stop and really watch a bird while it's building it's nest in a tree. Watch those ants as they work like crazy carrying stuff back to their nests. It may seem like a waste of time but it's all so interesting.
If your real lucky, do it with some little children. Watch their eyes and reactions. You'll be very entertained at their curiosity and intent interest!

As for those little arguments or disagreements. Do you realize that if you do that with a smile and keep love in your heart, you will be teaching the children that they can have an argument or disagreement without getting loud and violent. And by giving in when you can, they see that they can sometimes win. But winning may not at times be a good thing.
Then they begin to learn to think things through!
I really believe it makes for some excellent life lessons.

OK, like the grandson, who turns four in August, said yesterday after we had lunch and played a while, “I just wanna go home now. I'm tired.”
So I'll catch ya later, have fun and smile today!

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