Friday, February 25, 2011

Ponder This

I read another guy's blog last weekend. His blog deals with Philosophy and Life. While reading I began to come up with some profound thoughts of my own.
You can see what I was reading at, - Plato on gay marriage
Now when I manage to find time, I can delve into philosophy and kinda like learning what long past ancestors of human kind thought about things. I find it's like being able to listen to the thoughts of those who have gone before but who are now no longer available to visit.

On a side note, wouldn't that be nice if our own ancestors would have made their insights, thoughts and ideas available to us? You can by writing your ideas and leaving them behind for your grandchildren, in a book of some kind, or the world in a blog of your own.

Philosophy is not a set of rules, but more the thoughts and ways some people felt about life and things. I sometimes think it's kind of handy to see how others see things, when I'm trying to decide just how I want to deal with things.

Well, In Mr. Vernon's blog he points out that Aristophanes described humans as once being whole but were cut in half by the God Zeus.
Thereby, as I see it, creating two that one being female and one being male would seek fulfillment in the quest for the other half.
That wasn't interesting enough so again the two halves were divided which leaves us with two women searching for fulfillment and two men searching for fulfillment. Which brought about homosexuality. That also leaves us the “heshe's”, the hermaphrodite's. But I'm a simple minded guy and don't like long words, so I'll stick with “heshe's”...

Now I finished reading Mr. Vernon's article and am impressed. But now I'll go in my own direction with what I was left pondering.

I have no specific religion that I adhere to, but with reading and a little discussion have found all religion to be interesting. I do tend to lean towards one but... I am not, nor do I have any intent to convince or lead anyone in any direction. I do feel each should read, discuss and make their own decision with all they individually can learn. In my mind not one person should allow their self to be led by someone elses ideas.

I also find mythology interesting but have a real hard time believing in Greek Gods.

What I found to ponder is the Bible tells us God created the universe, earth, and all that is.
God created man, God created woman. God's creation was good. But then we find, God turned control over to Satan.

Hmm, could it be that way back before Christianity, that Aristophanes guy was maybe on to something?
Could it be possible that it was not Zeus, but possibly Satan, who preformed the surgeries that have confounded mankind for the centuries since?

This could lead to some interesting contemplation for my wee mind while riding around the fields and even the huge lawn this coming summer...

And now my dear wonderful amazing readers, you too will be pondering!
And I'm sure there are those that ponder just what kind of nut is this guy : )

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