Thursday, February 10, 2011

No Tomorrow

Five, that's “5”! Guys five more days to Valentines Day! This is the last warning. If you have not got that valentines day gift for your sweetie... Your pushin your luck. You have only four days to do so or... Your dead meat!

What if?
Hunny, I'm so sorry I treated you the way I did. I'll spend the next year making it all up to you.
I'm sorry I never really tried to get along with your parents. If it's possible I'll try and make amends and get to know them. I'll even go have a dinner with them for the holidays I have left.
Sweet heart, I know I never bought you that diamond I promised you. I'm sorry I always used the excuse that we just didn't have the money, then took my hunting and fishing trips. But dear, I will get it now.
I'm sorry I never really took the time to really listen to you and talk to you.

Kids, I will make every one of your ball games for the next year. I'll even take the time to help you practice. I'll take you on a vacation. I do love you, really I do.

Yes... What if... What? What would you do? What would you do if you found out you had one year left to live?

Would work still be as important? Would the buddies you hang with still have more value to you than your wife and kids? Would you still rather go on a hunting trip than spend time with your family?

Now how about... if you heard you would be gone in the next hour? Or less?
It could happen. There are really bad auto accidents every day during rush hours. Many never make it to work, or back home...

Would your family miss you? Would they cry for more than a day or a week? Are you sure they even know you?
Do you treat them well enough that they would even miss you for more than a pay check?

Have you shown them love?
Why not call your hunny on your next break and tell her how much you really care. Tell her how much you really love her.
When you get off work, go home and really spend time with that wonderful family.
If you haven't done it for a while they may think your crazy. But tell them, tell them that you now realize it could all be gone tomorrow.

Treat your wonderful wife, hunny or girlfriend like there will be no tomorrow.
Treat your children the same way.
We really, never, know...

Women... Just replace this with you. If you need to...

Do you treat others like there is no tomorrow?
Do you love like there is no tomorrow?

You do realize that one day that will be, don't you...

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