Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day of Fishing with Max

I introduced you to Max in my last little story. He was a coon hound I had for many years. We had a bunch of fun adventures together before he left me for that great coon filled hunting ground above. Some day I'll join him and others and once again we'll have great times. I do believe that he's causing as much fun, laughter and love now as he did when he was here with me.

Now Max had no fear. He'd do things and confront other animals while I was the one with the fear. Fear I guess that he'd get hurt, or worse...
One spring back in the early 80's I decided to do some turkey hunting. Heck it was the beginning of trout season to. So I didn't schedule any work for two weeks, just so I could hunt in the early morning and fish the rest of the day. Let me tell ya, that is the life!

Well Max was a well behaved guy when he was on his leash and would listen to about anything I'd tell him. So I decided that he would probably enjoy the woods and streams with me. Maybe even more than I would. I was sure that while I was leaning against a tree I'd picked out about two months before and waiting for a Tom I'd had the chance to see many times while scouting, that Max would be still and quiet. He was.

About the third day into our watching and waiting for that big Tom to come by on his regular route, and having no luck again... We left the spot and headed down the hillside towards the truck. We got there and I peeled of the hunting clothes, got Max and I our snack from the truck and we dined as only two guys could do along the side of the road on a big boulder. We finished, I got into my fishing waders and off we went across the road to the stream.

Now at the time I was really into fly fishing. So when we got to the stream I told Max to wait on the bank. He did. I waded into the rushing spring stream and fished a bit at the first hole I wanted to work on that day. One fish and that was it. So I proceeded to wade up stream, fishing along the way to the next hole. Max followed along on the bank.

When I got to the next hole I landed the fly a few times by a rock I was sure a trout would love to use as cover to wait for his next meal to come by. About the third time I placed my fly I saw a really nice flash. Ah ha... There he was. I left him settle a bit and began casting that fly and letting it ride the current past him. Now I could get glimpses of him from time to time, so he was there but just wasn't quite hungry enough. I knew though that if I just had patience and persisted he'd decide to strike.

A few more casts and he moved, but didn't take the fly. I knew that one or two more casts and I'd have him. Or I thought I would... I casted again and he followed the fly. I hauled back and casted again and all of the sudden there was a splash that could be heard around the world... Was it the fish, no it was, Max. I guess he was tired of sitting, laying and just waiting. He decided to join me out in the water. Now I knew he could handle the water and the current so I immediately looked back to where that mighty trout was. I didn't see any sign of him at all. I casted a few more times while scolding that goof ball swimming around me and trying to coax him to get back on the bank. But... In my mind I knew it was to late.

That monster I had been working so hard on was gone. Danged ole fool of a dog. He coulda waited just five or ten more minutes and we could have been eating that fish for dinner. But hey, what can ya do. We went back up on the bank and had a sandwich and shared a drink. I scolded him almost the entire time but Max, yup, he just gave me a look that said, that was fun lets do it again...

We moved on up the stream and did get four more that day, but all I could think about was the one we missed. Had to laugh though. Max made sure I didn't get that fish that day so we'd have the chance to try again another. And I'm sure he knew I would...

We did manage to get that turkey that spring and caught our limit of fish most days too. So it wasn't a total loss and my best buddy and I had a great time!
That day when we stopped at the little out of the way bar we frequented on the way home we even gave everyone a great laugh with the story. And when we got home and fired up the grill we enjoyed our catch and shared it with neighbors who laughed too.

Funny isn't it how a dog can spoil something and still make it the best day possible...

Tales of a lonely ole guy with a sense of humor...

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  1. Funny isn't it how a dog can spoil something and still make it the best day possible...

    Yeah, I wish people were more like that! Loved your story. :)