Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh, Baby Doll

Have ya ever really looked at a Barbie Doll?
Now look at or think about your woman.
Does she have some things you consider flaws? Well how do you see them?

If you look at them as something that needs changing then maybe you better take a real good look at yourself. No one is perfect by our ridiculous human standards. I'll bet the world if you honestly look at yourself you will find all kinds of flaws. If not I could...
How would you feel if your sweetie felt you needed changing?

It's those things we call flaws that give your girl her originality. Face it, if they all looked as perfect as the movie world, the magazine world or even the TV world seem to want us to believe they should be, we would be living in a somewhat world full of Barbies...

Would you even want to live there? A world full of women who all looked, thought and acted alike. First, how would you tell which one was yours? Talking to them would be so darned boring if they all thought alike. Heck they would even all sound alike. Could you possibly imagine if they all decided to whine at the same time???

Now do your hunnies so called problems still seem so bad?
Flaws, or as they should be called, differences, need to be seen rather as the things that make her unique. That one and only person who she is!

Do you want a happy life? Then to have a happy wife, or girlfriend, you darned well better make sure she's happy. If your looking at those so called perfect images in the pictures and making those childish rude comments. Or bringing up those differences and making rude remarks or laughing about them... Your undermining any chance that she will be happy.

OK, if she's so obese that her health is in danger you should probably find a nice way to help her see that, but for the sake of your happiness do not be rude! Also if you start to nag her about it she will probably shut you out like you would if she starts nagging about taking out the trash.

Look at those qualities that first attracted you to her. Now look at her differences from other women and celebrate them. Be happy that she is different and not just some cut out machine made doll. That would be like an eternal drive through a desert with never changing scenery. Be proud to hold her hand and walk down the street because of the wonderfully unique woman she is.

If you still can't find her as the fantastically wonderful beautiful individual she is, then look at you again. She could probably do quite a bit of complaining about you. And lets face it, we men have plenty of room for improvement. And we darned sure don't like to hear abut that! She accepts you and the many flaws you have. You could do the right thing and accept her differences also.

Do you still have a hangup and want some dreamt up excuse for perfection? Then why not do her a favor. Go to Wal Mart or somewhere and buy that doll. When you do end up finding her flaws at least you can't hurt her feelings by putting her down. Of coarse you are going to have to cook and clean for yourself. You are going to need to learn to have a totally one sided conversation. But hey, you want perfection. Sorry pal, your idea of perfection don't exist...

Now call her and tell her how much you love her. When you get home, take her in your arms and love her. Celebrate the fact that she is who and what she is and love her with all your heart!

In all honesty I've seen this in reverse. Not near as often, but it's out there.
So as for any women that may have read this far. If you see yourself in place of the guys I'm talking about here... Just change this to women.

Valentines Day may be over but you should show that love every day!
Now get out there and have a wonderful love filled day.
And smile!!!
Or I'm gonna send out my little army of terrible gremlins to give ya a swift kick in the seat of your pants...

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