Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eh, Why Not

Yah today is my day for griping about politics... So what? Don't feel like it and I can't seem to get enough interest to even get an argument going with comments!
So what's on my goofy ole mind...

Tomorrow, February 2. Here in wonderful scenic PA, it's Groundhog Day.
Now I really don't think anyone takes this seriously... I sure hope not... But.
After the doldrums of about half the winter has you bored near death and the snow has ya wishing you could mow the lawn and the icy temps has your bones dreaming of even a little sunshiny heat... When you can no longer feel the excitement of a snowball fight, they have turned to an expression of aggression and ya wish old Frosty would just melt away. Cabin fever is now a major illness...

Ahh, along comes Ground Day. Old Phil comes outta his den, looks around for his shadow, and predicts whether we will have six more weeks of winter or... Spring is right around the corner. An entire major metropolis of people flock to a little town, in the middle of nowhere, a fly speck on the face of earth, called Punxsutawney Pennsylvania.

They crowd the hotels and motels, the bars and restaurants, the inns and gin joints. They walk the streets, alleys, the parks and fields. They shop the stores and party. They dance and sing. All making merry. They all come to enjoy and learn the future of weather from the greatest prognosticator named Phil. Sometimes we even get more from Phil.

At times he shows his anger. I understand way back during prohibition he threatened 60 weeks of winter if he wasn't aloud a drink.
At times he shows caring and patriotism. 1981 he donned a yellow ribbon to honor American hostages.
He meets Presidents and Governors. Wonder if he imparted his political views on them... Wonder if he felt like giving them a bite...
Heck, Phil even gets fame by having a movie about him!
Think I'm kidding? Check it out at (http://www.groundhog.org/groundhog-day/history/)

While your there check out the other pages. You can get a Groundhog Cookie Recipe at (http://www.groundhog.org/teachers/groundhog-cookies/).
You can purchase neat Groundhog items starting at (http://www.groundhogstuff.com/).
I have never bought anything yet but this year... I have my eye on two fun looking statues. One is the Ceramic Phil In A Hole and the other is the Double Groundhog Statue at (http://www.groundhogstuff.com/shop/Ceramics,_Glassware_and_Mugs/index.htm).
I'll bet the Grandkids would get a kick outta them sittin on the window sills during February!
I'm even considering getting a couple of the Ceramic Phil Banks for the Grandkids and myself at (http://www.groundhogstuff.com/shop/Household_Items/page-2.htm).

It's all in fun and I do enjoy having different decorations for each month of the year. Not a lot but enough for a change month to month.

So what the heck, if you would like a few smiles and laughs check out the official website of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club at (http://www.groundhog.org/).

I have myself never saw a groundhog during February here on the farm and can see absolutely any way Phil could not see his shadow with those billions of watts of camera lights around. I know even that Phil's wrong a lot. But even this crotchety ole grump gets a lot of smiles from Phil and all the hoopla. Heck, when he's predicted six more weeks of winter I've even suggested making Groundhog Stew...

Hmm, this year he'd better bring a pick when he comes out of his hole so he can dig through the ice and snow...
So anyway, have a fun Groundhog Day and smile!


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  1. I never knew there were so many things relating to Phil. I like your choices.