Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shut Off Switch

Cold plus windy equals frigid!
Nope, not talkin about some emotionless, blabber mouthed individual. I'm talkin, bone chilling, bring on the ache, motivate the arthritis, add goose bump on goose bump, bring on the frostbite, icicles on the mustache, bring tears to the eyes, need a gallon of coffee, major arctic blast type cold!

I mean, it's as cold as a democrat invited to a republican convention. As cold as a republican to a democrats ideas on health care. It's as... Oh never mind you certainly get the idea!
The wind picked up and blew like crazy. The kind of wind that causes six or more foot snow drifts. Thankfully we had some rain that froze the surface of the snow so it wouldn't get to bad.

But even though the furnace was working overtime and the pipes were to scorching hot to touch, there was a chill in the house. Yup, it got dark and it got bitter cold. The son had an emergency no heat call before dark and when he came in after dark even that polar bear complained. Now he's one of those that at 32 degrees he's still wearing nothing more than a shirt and vest. Arms exposed but still warm. : ) He had on a coat...
The dogs stood at the open door and looked at me like I was nuts. Ya know, that look that says, do you really expect me to go out there to P? So I gave them a shove with my foot. They didn't waste any time at all for a change...

Oh well, it won't last, it never does. So since I got that out and off my chest, I'll move on.
I feel better now anyway. Just had to bi--ch.

Bi--chin isn't always bad. Sometimes it's just a way to vent anger or frustration. Things bother you and you just have to get the feelings out with words. Sometimes, especially when trying to get teenagers to hear, it's useful. Sometimes it's even helpful when trying to get a certain someone to take the garbage out.

But... Do it to long or to often, it backfires. Soon the only one who hears you is you. People, especially teens and men, have this little switch implanted just inside the ear that just shuts off all sound coming their way. Except sports, video games and last call at bars. The call for food sometimes gets through but it's time delayed.

Now I'm not being one sided, even women have a switch. But they control it better. And, I have absolutely no idea how, but even if their switch is thrown to the off position, they can hear if we say something they can use against us men. I guess it's a selective switch. Maybe that's why they can hear a baby cry at night and men can't! When a mans switch is off, it's off. The roof could fall and as long as it doesn't fall directly on him he'll never know.

If you go on day after day, hour after hour. It becomes nagging! Now when you nag it becomes a bother to everyone within earshot. Even farther when the recipient of your nagging carries the daily history of your bi--chin to work... Even your own dear relatives know and probably try and avoid hearing your incessant complaints.

I even had a teller at a bank ask me very nicely to stay at her window. Even though we were finished with our business. She saw curiosity on my face and went on to quickly, but quietly, tell me she couldn't stand to listen to the next person who was there.
Maybe not very nice for the next teller but... I understood, and just smiled. Sure enough when the lady got to the next window everyone could hear her and all eyes were on her.
I left!

So if you bi--ch maybe you should consider what's been said here. If others know you do then you really need to consider it.
If after a few lines of bi--chin you haven't gotten your point across, maybe you should try and find another approach.

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  1. Thanks for "this." I probably should work on, "that."