Saturday, February 26, 2011

Something Different

Instead of the usual today, I decided to give you a few pictures I found.
Hope you enjoy!

Here's three little guys we had a few years back
At feeding time they could clean up fast!

This guy was here at the same time but he was usually always anti social.

Here's a guy who wouldn't come willingly at bath time...
No, not my son!

Notice the untucking of the shirt on the left, the son's right!
Curiosity or orneriness? You decide...

Here is the youngest grandson.
None to happy about his first Halloween being dressed like a cow!

This is a view to the east from the top of our hill.

Your mind can wonder forever from here.
There is just nothing that can get in the way of your thoughts!

Here's a few new pictures.

We just picked these two little ones up on Wednesday.

The black one is a curiosity for me. He is Jersey, Angus mix.
I've never saw one before and can't wait to see if he has that loving Jersey attitude and then gets the size of an Angus!
Sorry about the eyes not looking right but flash does that and I'm no professional photographer!
They are both about one month old and we do have to wean them from the bottle yet. But we usually pick up calves when they're only three days old and have a month of strict bottle feeding before we can even think of weaning.

I heard about this Jersey, Angus mix from my son in law, who heard about him from another guy, so I had to go see. Yup... I brought him home. I also told the guy if he gets more to let me know and I'll go get them. If not we'll be picking five or six other calves up this spring.

With what I did to my back last year I decided to sell off most of the calves and cows we had. I just didn't feel right about having my son doing all the work himself while still working his job. But my back is about back to just being a bad back, and I think I'll be able to again pull some of my weight so hopefully we can get back into it.

We've sold all but one of those we did keep over winter and him I don't know if I'll ever sell. He's kind of a runt and never seems to grow much. He's got a chubby head and has grown kinda wide in the belly but then seemed to just stop growing. I hate to say it but he's becoming like a pet. I just think I may keep him around and see if I can train him to follow me around like the dogs do.

Shh, listen. That sound is my grandpap rolling over in his grave from that last line. Oh well, that's just another part of me...

Here's a picture of him right after he found a garbage can.
He's just so small and funny looking that he's grown on me.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post. Maybe after the weather gets a little better I can get some more pic's and share them with you.

So for today I'll say, catcha later and keep that wonderful smile!


  1. Just a little look at what we love. Call me crazy but I think the 3rd and 4th pics are the best :)

  2. I really love these pics, and love the little calf. He is so cute. Yes, Pictures 3 & 4 are cute, too. ;) Thanks for sharing!

  3. we had a Jersey cow ... had a couple of Jersey / Herford calfs from her, & then Jersey / Angus calfs. The Jersey Angus steers were just like you're hoping... big ol' sleek black guys that were so sweet & gentle. Had 1 that was so determined to be a pet he'd jump the fence & come running whenever he saw me outside... had to call the butcher a couple months earlier than I'd planned for that one.