Monday, February 21, 2011

Dare To Be

I have trouble understanding people who are not willing to dare to be more than followers.

I'm not talking about followers of blogs. Followers of blogs, I believe, are people who are reaching out to see how other people think and feel, they are gaining education through the experiences of others. They learn how others deal with life and that can help deal with there own. They enjoy the humorous way many blogs communicate the things that they do.

But instead I'm talking about the followers in life.
The people who live life the way other people say they should. Not that anything is wrong with living within the boundaries of the law. That is a perfectly good thing to do.
But more the people who live by some other persons standards. Or the so called society norm. Wearing in style clothes, having furniture, having auto's, whatever just because that is how others do or say it should be done.

So many people I hear complain about their jobs. Yet each and every day they get up, get dressed and go to work. When I ask, they admit they never have tried to make something different of their lives.
To me that seems like they have just become drones. Drones that complain.
People sob because others hurt their feelings. Do they stay away from the type of people who do?
Can happiness be found by a follower? Can serenity be found by a follower?

As a child I had to do as my Mr. Perfect, know it all, could never be wrong, must be done my way, dad said. Any other way would only lead to my punishment or in the least, household unrest and contempt towards me...
My childhood was a mental sweltering netherworld. Living within dad's bounds I never fit in socially with others of my own age. I found myself becoming a loner. To compensate with never fitting in I found that being a loner kept me from social hurt.
In my later teen years, I'd had enough at home. I rebelled and left.

I found as most do, life was kind of like looking into the mouth of an angry bear. It also became apparent that it was similar to swimming in shark infested waters. I had my own ideas and made many mistakes. Having many doubts and never wanting to live by some other persons ideals made the idea of asking for help impossible.

Then I finally realized that my own opinions of life and how to live it, were a mix of others opinions and ways. Some from movies, some from books, many from other people. All mixed together and stirred with a few of my own feelings for seasoning. So, other opinions aren't totally bad. Some outside ideas, then some thoughts of my own, could lead to good answers for me.

If not for listening to several others then deciding what is right for me, I'd still be that hurt little boy sitting around feeling lost and alone.
Now I don't say that feeling never comes again. There are still egotistical jerks who throw their thoughtless hurting barbs. I do feel the question marks in my head. But it doesn't last long now, because by making my own decisions I've become stronger in who I am.

Now when someone causes me to feel those questions and hurt, I can consider if it suits my life or not. Then I can choose to accept it and change or ignore it as the trash it is and dump it. Most people who say hurtful things are only letting their own self doubt show. And causing others to feel pain is their way of making themselves feel better about their crumby doubt filled lives.
From the outside they may seem to have it all, but are they really happy?

I choose to not let others decide me or my feelings. My happiness or serenity has been the result of that decision.
Storms may and do blow through. But by relying on those decisions, made by asking several others who I like, then pondering what they say and mixing in my own ideas, answers that suit me are easily found and the results are serenity and happiness.

It works for me. I hope it will help you!

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