Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cheap and Easy

I hear some words from a lot of young people who seem to endlessly be crying the same line. It sometimes stops for a week or so, but then they are right back to the same line. Sadly it's heard from some older adults too...

I gave him/her my heart, but he/she broke it. I even hear that with the word “again” added on the end...

First thing I'll say. Hurt me once, shame on you. Hurt me twice, shame on me.
Next... Instead of “giving” your heart to someone, why not make them really earn it.
Is your heart not valuable? Do your emotions have no value?
Are they so cheap that you'll just toss them to the rats?

Quit that giving to lost causes. You, your heart or emotions are more important than just having someone to be with. If someone is really interested then they will do whatever is needed to earn your heart.

Are you waiting for your prince to ride up on his great steed? Well in the world of today the chances of that are somewhere between slim and none! But take the time and reread the lore, fairy tails and stories. Even those prince's did things to earn the fair maidens hearts.

Are you looking for your princess? Then maybe you should read up too. You'll have to learn how to treat a princess. And yours may end up being the princess and the pea... But if you don't help her remove that pea, she'll find a prince that can. Or worse, you'll end up looking for peas for the rest of your life!

Do you think you are that prince or princess? Hmm, those stories are really short. We never hear about their entire lives. Oh yah, we hear the happily ever after. But don't ya think they still had to work every day to keep that happiness... I doubt prince charming spent much time laying around on the castle couch watching jousting matches on the royal TV!

We can read of some princes and princesses that became kings and queens. We also can read about some that became unhappy. Kings that chopped of their queens heads. Queens that poisoned their kings. Gee, is that the happily ever after?

No love requires that we spend the rest of our love life earning the day to day happiness. So why should you give your heart to someone who will not even earn your heart to begin with?

Now next time that cutie smiles and winks, then starts a conversation. Be nice and enjoy the attention. Enjoy making a new friend. But if it begins to go farther, let them know that your not cheap or easy. It's going to take some evidence that they are worthy of your heart.

Make them earn it and all you have to offer!

Do you too hear this line from some people way to often? Print it. Let it lay where the perpetual users of the line will see it and read it out of curiosity. Or just hand it to them.

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