Thursday, February 3, 2011


First another warning for the guys!
Guys, you have one week and four days. Yes only 11 days until you are on the hot seat with the dreaded Valentines Day. The day you had better be ready to show her how much you care... Are you ready yet? Do you at least have plans? Better get it done...

As for today. Well, well, well...
Overheard a couple of girls. The question was, why do guys always lie?
I spend a little time on another site where I play catch up with family, friends, kids of friends and a few friends of friends. There I see all about the miserable lives : ) of teens... I sometimes chime in with some funny remarks or (hopefully) words of wisdom that have been gained only by living a life and observing.

Some of the complaints I've read and heard are,
“ I don't understand why guys gotta lie, I'm really not stupid.”
“ I hate guys.” “I hate all guys.”
“ Why do guys say one thing and do something totally opposite?”
“ I can not stand people at all.” (That ended up being because of a guy.)
“ I'm tired of guys being a-- holes. I need a guy for my nice friend. Let me know if your interested. Thanks..”
(The last one was by the girl/young lady who made the first... Yah, like that's going to work!)

Read a good line about Facebook. One girl posted “ Facebook should should have this.
In a relationship with _____, while cheating with _____, while having sex with _____, and telling they love _____!”

Another post said, “You've changed!” … “No I grew up, maybe you should try it?”

This topic always makes me smile. I know not many young ladies and girls would see the humor in it but still, I smile.
This is just another problem that's been here and probably always will be.
In all fairness though, I read and hear plenty from young guys and even hear some from older guys about the same things from girls and young women...

I guess some people just have to lie to feel better about themselves. They feel they're not good enough so they believe they have to make stuff up to be accepted.
Never mind that it won't work or eventually the truth will come out, at a young age ya just can't reason beyond the moment, let alone another day.

Some people say one thing and do another simply because things change and plans must change. Now that in itself isn't a bad reason but... Have the decency to tell the other person what's up. How the heck would you like it if you were left hanging???

I've also known of guys and gals who who just decided they wanted to be with someone else. Mater of fact that happened to me... Well common, couldn't ya at least have the guts to call and say so? If ya have to, at least call, say what you have to and hang up. That's better than leaving someone to wonder.

Sadly, many just lie to get something they want. Be that money, material goods, affection, pity or sex. It happens. It takes years of learning and a lot of getting hurt to see through those people. Even then some slip past and again, your hurt. It doesn't hurt quite as bad because by then you've built up a higher tolerance, but still, it does hurt.

Ok, so where the heck am I going with all this...
It's getting near the time for the Super Bowl. Maybe I'm the only one who couldn't care less but, so many are all hyped up about football.
So guys of all ages, heads up. Gals of all ages, heads up. Everyone ears open and listen...

So the goal is lasting love.
As we start out we begin working our way down the field in hopes of our touchdown. There are passes that get blocked. There are passes that work out. Now we think we are on our way to the goal. But we get tackled by a huge guy named heartache.

There are yards made only to be taken away by fumbles.
Then someone steals your hunny the ball and begins to push you back.
There are sneaks that hurt you by pushing you back even farther. There are fakes that make you think you should go one way but you should of gone another.

Finally another chance. The balls back in your hands. You huddle up and make a new plan. You begin to work your way down the field through all the defenses of pain. You get knocked around by gorilla sized problems and sometimes get hurt. Maybe you even get sacked.

Do ya stand in the huddle and whine? Do ya quit and go home? Heck no, ya get right back into the game and keep on pushing ahead towards that goal.
Some times you do get carried from the field but as I'm sure you've seen many Pro's do. You fight to get back in the game.

Back and forth we fight on towards that goal, that touchdown called love. About the time we finally think the goal is there and it's ours... Someone takes us out!
But we huddle up and make another plan and try again. We get tackled, we get up and try again. We kick and fight and take every chance imaginable until we finally win our goal.

If and when someone can't take it and quits the team. We find a replacement worthy of being on our team. Don't take it as you've been replaced, take it as you've have been released. When you see that other player, be glad. Be glad that that dirty SOB is on the other team so you can show them what a winner really is. Squash them by winning!

And our goal... It's lasting love from someone who accepts us in spite of what we are not and loves us for what and who we are. Someone who isn't going to just take our ball and play a game for their own fun. Someone who when life throws us a block or tackle will huddle with us to reformulate our plan so our team will keep pushing on towards our united goal of a happy life of love and the search for bliss.

Now team! Get back out there and fight, fight, fight! Knock all those silly a-holes aside, knock em down, run over and around them and stomp them.
Watch out for and block all those hurtful passes.
Take that ball called your heart and go.
Go for that goal with all the feeling you can dig up from your weary soul and get that touchdown!

It's gonna hurt but do you want to win! Heck yah! Do you wanna win! Heck yah!!
Go, Go, Go!

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