Monday, February 14, 2011

Get What "You" Want

First things first. I don't have one of those someone specials but, I've got family, friends and a few followers, who are very special people. I also have you visitors who neither follow or comment. To each and every one of you I'd like to say, Happy Valentines Day! May all of your hearts be filled with the warmth of love today and every day.

OK, on to my boring Monday motivation. I just want ya to get all the happiness outta this life ya can! And that can not be given by anyone. Someone else can make you smile, even make you feel warm and good. But deep down happy... That you must get for yourself...

Have a dream? Maybe dreams?
Want something but it's out of reach?
Did someone else say it's dumb, you'll never be able to do that, that's stupid???

Don't let others or society stop you.
Don't let conventional thinking stop you.

Have the guts to be “you”!
Why follow the crowd like a cow in a herd? Do you think it's a good thing to be like a lab rat? Always having to run some kind of gauntlet just to please someone... Just earning a little piece of cheese while someone else gets the whole block...
The only way you can get the big block of cheese for you is to dare.
Dare to trust in you and do it!

Life is a continual challenge with never ending decisions.
You wake up you decide to get out of bed. Then you decide what to wear. Then on to am I going to eat breakfast or not. What to eat. So now you decide if your going to work or not.
This decision making goes on all day, every day.

You make all kinds of decisions and you do really well at it. So now... Do you want better? Do you want to be the big boss, the owner of your own business?

Do something about it. Plan and write it down. Make a business plan complete with how you want things done. Make a list of things you'll need. Begin buying them as you can. Save and buy the bigger things if you “really” need them to start.
Update that list and your plan every time you make a little headway. That helps you see where you have been, the success you've made and where you still have to go. Be ready and open to make changes in your planned direction. Sometimes you find things you never thought of earlier. Sometimes you'll find you really don't “need” some of the things you thought you did. So keep flexibility an option.

If your going to need a piece of equipment or expensive tools only once in a great while. It would probably be cheaper to rent it. Then you can eventually buy it if you still want to. Renting is also a way to keep you from having to find a place to store seldom used items.

How about something like taking a trip, a dream vacation... You still need to plan. That plan allows you to begin saving towards that white sandy beach. Again keep a list. As you put money aside in a savings account you have a list so you see where your plans are going, how far you've come. It gives you a focus point so you don't get fed up and give up.

Hang a picture of your dream near your list so you can look and dream of what you want. It will help you keep your focus. So what if it takes time, what else are you doing...
Impossible? Not if you really want it...
Never give up...

Uncertainty and insecurity Are going to pop up. But don't let them become the things that stop you dead. If you have to, take a break.
Anything can become overwhelming when it's all you do or think about. Just get away from it a while and refresh yourself.

Do it one step at a time and celebrate each step. I'm saying each time you complete a set of steps towards your goal it's time to throw yourself a little party. You deserve that pat on the back even if it is from yourself.

It will take time and patience, but one day you will be able to walk in to that shop, store or office and tell your miserable boss, goodbye!

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