Saturday, February 19, 2011

Royal Smile - Couldn't Resist

I thought I was outta here for the day. I've got things to get done and places to go but... I kinda stumbled on these two things that I thought ya might get a good laugh over.
If ya feel like I do about the upcoming Royal Wedding Pain In The Butt Festivities, ya just might love these links. And I'm really not sure if I'll order these or not. They could be an interesting conversation piece and I am leaning towards the waste of a few bucks for the chuckles...
Also a “ WARNING “ ! I visited but didn't go any farther. I don't know if they are either legit or safe. So go farther than a look at the links, at your own risk...

Here They are, check em out and smile!

I laughed my butt off! Guess I'm not the only one not impressed with Royal crud.

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