Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Really Bummed

If you have been reading my posts then you can probably see that I like getting information from both sides of any argument before making decisions. I like to see the possible effects of how things will affect all involved and try to imagine a medium that will be suitable to help both sides. That's not saying I won't take a side, but before doing so I like to know both sides and from several sources.

For politics I like to hear what the left and right both have to say. I also like to hear the opinions of the people who have the guts to talk about them. That lets me know how others feel they will be affected instead of only thinking of myself. I don't trust people who are radical or who only see one side of anything, they're only out for their self.

When a politician only sees promises and economic advantage offered by lobbyists, how can he be trusted to make decisions that are good for all... He can't and he won't.
Heck, if someone came here and offered me brand spankin new farm equipment... I'd probably be willing to make a few decisions in their favor. At least for a while... Who can say they won't? Common, be honest...

Now when a news and opinion source is bought up by a huge conglomeration, don't you think the people who will be reporting, writing stories and opinions, will be swayed by the new owners? I sure do...

Sadly I think we are losing a great source for the free thinking view from the political left.
With AOL buying Huffington Post, I will no longer be feeling that is a free thinking and writing source. In no way can I trust that I could be reading anything but the AOL version of anything.
I will miss the opinions and stories I read there but I must now begin my search for a new source of the views from the left.

I see by some of the comments on the site that I'm not alone. There is a good bit of hurt and outrage. Some saying they will take it out of their favorites. Yup... Me to.

On the one hand I can't blame Arianna Huffington. 315 million is a really nice chunk of change! But on the other hand, I'm saddened that because of money we're losing a site for free thinking news and comments. It's depressing to know that freedom has a price at all.

After finding the Huffington Post I didn't look much farther and haven't since. Guess that was dumb... Shoulda known nothing good lasts!
I've been on a quest ever since I read the news and this WWW is huge which makes this one tough hunt for really free thinking.
If anyone has any suggestions for a replacement I'd surely appreciate them.

So what do you think, or feel?

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