Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BS That Bugs Me

How come work is the only four letter word not in the vocabulary of young people...

They want to have money. They ask adults for money. They beg adults for money. But let an adult mention that they're willing to pay them to mow the lawn or rake the leaves from the lawn, they become sad and angry. Offer to pay them to clean the house and they become enraged.

Offer them any kind of work in exchange for money and they can recite from memory a list of four letter words that could make a gangster blush.
Yet should you lend them money, you know you'll never be repaid. Your hard earned dollars you had to endure abuse and sweat for will be gone.

Some seem to believe though that parting with their cash is better than listening to the hours of whining they will hear from teens. I seem to recall that my dads way of dealing with whining after I was told no, was give me a sentence where I would be exiled to my room only to listen to myself whine.

Should I not accept the sentence or make to much noise while whining to myself, the penalties grew in severity.
Was not to long until I learned to accept that offer for work for pay and would go about the work, while mumbling quietly under my breath about how mean and nasty he was, but the work got done and I got paid.

How come kids pay for a gym membership when they could take a job and get paid to exercise... Do they not see the lameness in that?
A little hard physical work, combined with sweat and your body begins to become very fit.

Want a real laugh. I happened to catch a conversation where two young people were discussing sex. Teen sex. The one pointed out to the other that it is scientifically proven that kids just grow up faster today. That is why they have urges and then have so much sex.

Now don't get angry with me for hearing that conversation. I didn't want to hear it, you just spoke loudly enough that anyone within earshot couldn't miss the conversation. As for me writing about it, well how could I not... You gave me such a great smile. No, a laugh!

Young lady, way back in the dark ages when I was a lad, there were kids having sexual relationships. It was the days before abortions and the pill. I recall many young ladies that were mysteriously visiting for a long time with a relative far, far away.

That visit would last until after they gave birth and then the baby was put up for adoption. Then sometimes they would return home.
Your not growing up faster, you just have no self control and very low morals!

Then from your foolish mind you roll your eyes when mom and dad get frisky and mushy. Eeeeewww, that so gross!
How do you think you got here?

If it wasn't for the fact it costs so much to raise kids, I'd suggest that they have another baby. Just to ruin your life by humiliation you claim to feel!

Get a life and an education kid. Life is not all about you and it's not about me. It's just life as it's gone on forever.

Guys, keep it in your pants. Girls keep your legs together. Both of you do some work to burn that pent up energy.
Find a way to get paid and quit begging for money!

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