Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wake Up Guys

Do you want to dance, hold my hand, tell me baby I'm your lover man, Baby, do you want to dance
Do you want to dance under the moonlight, Hold me baby all through the night, Oh baby, Do you want to dance

A romantic song and a song that just made you move. If not dancing it made you tap your feet. Made people just want to sing along.

How long has it been since you danced with her? Can't remember the last time, then you may be in serious trouble.

When you get home, turn up the radio and grab her by the hand. No matter what music is playing dance with her like you did before.
Don't know the steps? Don't know the moves? So what! You didn't before either, but you danced with her and she had fun.

Maybe you went to the movies. Maybe you went out and got some mud on the tires. Whatever you did once upon a time, do it again.
Just because she married your sorry butt, doesn't mean she's dead. It just means you have to wake her up like you did before.

Hey, the weekend's almost here. Get your tired old self in gear and set up a date night. Do it!
Take her to dinner, take her dancing. Heck take her out mud bogging. But do something.

If you can't do anything else, take her out for a walk. Hold her hand and talk of dreams and plans like you did when you first met her.

Without her what would you have? What would you come home to after a long days work?
If your the typical guy, you'd come home to an empty, messy house and would be eating cold pizza. Maybe a burger and fries you picked up on the way home.

Now if your a bright guy, you want to treat her like the girl she is and take her out for some fun. She's either been stuck in that house all week or has been at work just like you. If you don't entertain her someone else may.

Now wake up and get your brain working and recall the stuff you did before. Then make plans to do it again and do it!

But I'm tired... Boo stinkin hooo. She's tired too. She probably wants to go out and feel alive again. You too will feel alive once you get moving. And your love life might come alive again...

Try it guys. What have you got to lose?
And for crying out loud, don't forget to let her know how beautiful you find her and how much you care!

Get those embers of love glowing again. Fan those flames with romance.

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