Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kids Keep Parents Poor

What is it with kids and silverware?
How is it humanly possible to loose so much silverware?
Yet a parent could buy a new set every month and still not have enough to make it to the next month.

You can dig through the yucky, sloppy, disgusting trash all day long and never find missing silverware. You can dismantle the entire house, removing each piece one at a time and still never find the missing in action silverware.

Really! Is there a place like sock heaven for silverware? When we die will we be met by all our lost socks and silverware?

Is it that hungry kids eat silverware?

And dishes!
Even the unbreakable dishes you can drop from twenty feet that won't break or even crack! The ones you knock down and then scoop the mess up and put it back on to carry it to the trash to dump. You wash it and praise the gods for such a wonderful invention.

Well, kids find magical ways of destructing the indestructible!

Then it's the same old answer. I don't know!
How did you break that? I don't know.
Who broke that? I don't know.
Who made that mess? I don't know.

There is only one worse than I don't know. That is the little grinch I'm still looking for. The one that has lived in my house for years that has managed to elude me. The one who never whines, knows some secret hiding place and gets blamed for everything. “Not me.”

Who did that? Not me. Who made that mess? Not me.
Wonder if not me will leave when my son finally does...

Pots and pans.
How is it that for twenty years before my kids, my pots and pans never had a dent? Yet they managed to dent about every pot and pan I owned. Even new pots and pans I bought to replace them...

I am completely convince that the metal workers and dish makers have a contract with kids. I've just not quite figured out how they pay the kids. If I do you can bet I'll rob their bank accounts to replace all the stuff the kids have wrecked.

One more I wonder about is how when you ask a kid to do something, they drag their feet and move slower that molasses in the winter. Yet when they go to sit on your furniture they suddenly get a burst of energy and leap through the air to land their butts hard enough to destroy that furniture.

Kids are the reason parents are broke. Kids are the reason parents world over are going be working to be in the poor house instead of spending their senior years in leisure.

I for one say no more homes for the elderly. Lets protest and close them. Lets all move in with our kids and give them what they have coming!
Wouldn't it be right to teach our grandkids first hand all the wonderful things our kids did so they can enjoy the same wonderful life they gave us?
And then when they try and ask us to be a little more adult we can roll our eyes just like they do!

So hey, how about clicking on that Join button and showing us your smiling face. We're all family here in this world. We all have similar problems and lives. We all put up with idiotic decisions made by our governments. But we all need each other to make a better world possible...

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