Saturday, September 3, 2011

Political Children

The hilarity of the news this week.
The republicans telling their President he has to wait to make his speech to them with his ideas to get the people back to work.
Only because they have they're jaw flapping is planned for the same day.
The democrats throwing the stones back saying the republicans are only playing a political game.

No I didn't really feel any hilarity! I felt anger.

Republicans refuse to give the President the honor he deserves. No matter the man, or in the future woman, in office there should be respect for that office. When that office decides to speak to you, you should at least offer it the courtesy of your ear. It is in fact the Commander In Chief of our country.

Then the Democrats who only weeks ago were calling the President a traitor to his party, are running around the playground calling the Republican's names and crying to the media.

Great show both of you! Do you really like showing the rest of the world how immature and foolish you are? Do you like having the rest of the world wondering about our country? Embarrassing our country with your childish antics?

I can only hope that the rest of the world can see that the majority of “we the people” are fed up with your political BS games. That we in no way agree with how you are choosing to run our country into the dirt. I can only hope that more non voters become incensed and will show up to vote you out of your office.

Both parties have lost sight of where they were intended to go. Both have allowed their parties to become the clowns they now are.
What happened to listening to each other and compromise?
What happened to putting the people before your petty political squabbles?

Is this new Tea Party any better? Don't know, only time will tell. If not they won't last for long. But they do sound to be better at listening and compromise.

Are not we the people more important that your bickering?

You all went on vacation when we needed direction to get the economy back on track. Yes, even you Mr. President. The Commander In Chief left his post when his troops needed him.

You all allow big business and corporations to buy your votes and sway you with their big money. You are allowing them to run the country for their profit. That will do nothing good for the people. Only for their profits.

Consider getting some of your big Government mistakes off our backs. Get the months of paperwork and red tape out of our way so we can start businesses and grow. We can put people to work. We can earn decent profits to succeed and get this country back on it's feet.

It was the people who made this country great, not the government. It was people who kept this country great, until the corporations took that away with your help. It is the people who will bring this country back to greatness and rebuild the respect of the world once more.

So quit with your childish games and do for the people!
Instead of listening to the corporations who have the loot for your fancy dinners, only because you helped them rape the people.

Can't say I thought a lot about Jimmy Carter, but at least he took the time to walk around our country and talk to “the people”. Hearing them who elected him to office. At least we then felt cared about and hopeful...

You do become what you bump into and hang out with during this life. Do you want to be remembered as one of the people, or as the corporations who are insincere, uncaring and only pick the pockets of the people?

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