Monday, September 26, 2011


Had to sweep leaves from the porch this morning. That's not really a hard job, but it is one that kinda says winter is coming. Guess it's mother natures way of getting me ready for that white stuff that is harder to remove from the porch. So now I'll enjoy the beautiful colors of fall as the trees turn their amazing colors and shed their leaves.

I normally don't mind the coming of winter, but this summer was not a very nice one. Started way to wet. Went straight to searing hot and dry. Then returned to the world of wet. There were a few weeks of decent weather if you added the individual days together.

Crops were planted late because of the heavy rains this spring. Then they baked in the heat of the sun, starving for a drink, a drop of rain from the sky. Crops grew and survived, but not with their normal vigor. Everywhere I drive I see sad looking crops in the fields.

Skinny plants instead of the healthy robust plants. Sparse in the fields instead of thick as the seeds were planted. Bare areas in fields where rains washed the soil and seeds away. Ears of corn that are small. Soy beans that look half their normal size. But the weeds did well...

With all of the leaves that fell from the trees when it was so hot and dry, I don't expect the normal fall beauty. I doubt anyone around here will lose any money on their harvests. But they surely won't do much more that break even again...

So how can people keep on farming every year and not give up?
It's in the blood. It's a part of the soul. It's something you love more than life itself. It's just a way of life.

Nature keeps giving one challenge after another and people go on. Life keeps giving one challenge after another and life goes on.

For me it's the freedom. Being able to spend my days in the sun, seeing the birds and wildlife as I work. Seeing bare ground spurt forth with growth and become green as crops grow. Feeling the rain on my skin and having that moment of agony as I know that work once again will be delayed, but knowing it gives water so life can go on.

Doesn't really matter where you are or what you do in this thing called life. There will no doubt be problems. But the times between the coming of those problems are meant to enjoy and laugh. There even are opportunities during those problems to laugh.

Seems the more I laugh at problems and the more I laugh during those problems, the less problems I seem to have. Maybe the devil and his minions can't stand laughter. Might be that chases them away. Could be that just the change of attitude makes problems seem less serious.

I don't care what the answer is I just like the outcome.

I had a problem last night. For some strange reason unknown my toe was aching most of the night. Hurt like a cramp. I was unable to sleep. I'm late here this morning because of that pain keeping me awake.

So what? I'll do what needs to be done this morning, most of it is done already. Then I'll just take a nap for lunch. Maybe...
It could be possible I'll get a burst of energy. Then I'll find something to play at.

But no doubt at all, this ole fool will find a way to laugh about something. Heck, I'm already smiling while I'm writing about this. This may be the lamest writing in history. And I did it all myself while being so tired I'm not even sure my mind is out of bed...

Now I'm going to make more coffee and think of how I can hook it up to an IV drip. Wonder if I could design a coffee maker that could be worn as a backpack. Wonder if I could find someone to help hold my eyelids open. Wonder if I'm wondering or dreaming... Wonder why my toe was hurting like that. Oh well, it's a silly life. But it's just one more thing to laugh about!

Have a great day filled with all the wonderful smiles you can find!

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