Friday, September 9, 2011

This Weeks Lessons

Some things learned and some reminded of.

Politicians will never cease to amaze with new found ways of stupidity and childishness.

Getting tired just happens, getting rested is impossible.

Full bellies make you tired, people who fall asleep with their mouth hanging open are funny.

Rain + chill = added pain.

Added pain makes me a pain...

Getting older makes going out for an evening less important than a comfy bed.

Cold rain blowing in your window and onto you is not as nice as being wakened with a wet kiss.

Being wakened by that rain is not cool, even though you do get goosebumps.

Eating half a bag of Double Stuffed Oreo's chased with a quart of milk is still a great, fun dinner!

A son who drinks to much on Friday night is fun to speak loudly to and pick on on Saturday.

A son gives you strange looks when he says you should watch Transformer movies and you reply, I'd rather watch chick flicks.

It still boggles my mind when a cute backside has a face with a beard.

The world just isn't right when the cutest butt in the crowd belongs to a guy...

You get a feeling of warmth and success when you hear your son say there is more to life and relationships than sex.

A son is funny when he waits until he is wearing the last of his clean clothes to do his laundry. Then as he is hanging them on the line to dry, the sky opens up and pours forth its bounty of rain!

Rain just loves to spoil picnics.

A daughter is funny when she's angry because her picnic had to be moved inside because of the rain.

Her hubby is even funnier when as he tries to hide form her!

Good summers will never be again. They are either to wet, to dry or to hot.

A son gives you great laughs when all the electronic junk he has added to his truck finally overheats the wires and they burn off when he's on his way to work! Told ya so, sucker...

There is so much to be learned and smiles to be had from grandchildren.

Life just goes on and smiling moments are always just a moment away!

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