Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bad Relationships

In a relationship that seems to make you sad. Here are a few things of my own and some that were gleaned over the years.
If nothing else, give them some thought.
If you know someone in a bad relationship, pass them along. Just maybe it will help to open their minds.

Crying over someone who dumped you, is wasting your tears.

If you love them but they don't love you back. Don't be a fool, move on!

If you cry more than you laugh, your relationship will not last.

Waiting for someone who's caused you pain, makes as much sense as waiting for hemorrhoids...

Someone who has caused you pain, will only cause you pain again.

Ask yourself, do I want to settle for someone who hurts me...

You smell to nice to be treated like manure.

Why would someone as nice as you feel bad about someone who wants you to be hurt?

One day of your life wasted with tears for someone who don't care, can never be regained!

If someone dumps you, they were not good enough for you anyway!

If your always letting someone back into your life and they keep crapping on you, are you not allowing yourself to be a toilet seat?

Don't be one of those people who has to get married four or five times before they realize that what they want is more than a pretty face.

Marriage isn't the greatest thing in the world. Getting married to the right person is.

No one can promise you that tomorrow will be better, but you can bet it will be different. Tomorrow will be the first chance you have to make your life better.

How about joining the blog and sharing with anyone you know. Help show the world we're all the same and can learn from each other and accept any difference of politics and beliefs.

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