Thursday, September 29, 2011

Feelings, Ugh

Once again I had to discuss that ugly thing called feelings... I'm a guy, guys don't like feelings. Feelings don't have much rationality.

There was a young miss who was talking about a guy who is a joker and normally is very outgoing. But when she's around he goes quiet. She was wondering if that could be a sign he likes her. Even his buddies notice it and have commented on it. I can just imagine those comments...

When guys get caught with their feelings hanging out they tend to get picked on. Ferociously!
Would be easier to deal with getting caught with his pants down by an entire buss load of nuns with sticks in their hands...

Well I choked back my urge to vomit, drug up the courage and did what I could to try and explain to her that yes, even the loud mouth guys get quiet. True love brings true fear to a guy. It's an eerie feeling when you find it and it's so new.

It causes one to go deep in their mind searching for meaning and answers. It causes you to search your entire existence and future path.
You can't talk to other guys, that would be a sign of weakness and stupidity. You would live many years before you might live that down. You can't talk to girls, because well, girls don't understand the workings of a guys mind.

I left her with a suggestion though. I suggested if she is interested and has feelings for him, to (as silly as it sounds) slip him a note letting him know she has feelings for him. Before his feelings/fear make him run and hide.

Being turned down by a lady is worse than death. With death there is an end, being turned down is only the beginning of doubt and relentless picking.
Doubt causes loss of life. Think for a millisecond when under attack and you lose. Let any of your friends ever find out you were shot down and you will spend years on the losing end of a pile of ….. well you get the picture.

So we goofy thinking of the species may not make much sense and no one, not even ourselves, will ever totally understand us. But ain't individuality fun. NOT! Funny to others, but not fun when it's you...

Been there myself guys. Maybe even to many times... But ya know what? I had the brass to try. And ya know what? I'm still alive. Through that I have learned to poke fun at myself before the other guys could and I took their power away... It's no fun for them when your first, they don't like coming in second either.

So try it, take that little bit of advice and get out there and ask. She may just be the one that makes your world rock. We all lose some battles, but we live to fight on. Win in that battle against your fears. Never let fear stop you from doing anything that you consider worth doing.

Ladies, it isn't a bad thing if you find a way to let a guy know how you feel. You too might lose a few, but you also might find your prince. OK, that might be a stretch... How about someone that might rock your world...
All it takes is a silly little note or even a message. If yup think he's interested and you know he's not a jerk, he may just need a little sweet persuasion to get past that fear and on to the next step.

So as I laugh and smile at all the silly things that love makes us feel and do, you have a great day and smile along!

Hmm, wonder if I could figure out why I don't even feel a need for that anymore...

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