Thursday, September 8, 2011

What The Heck Is This

Today is the day I have dedicated here on this blog where I try and have something that I hope will be helpful with relations between men and women. Or a blog that helps women see that they can be perfectly wonderful and beautiful without doing the things they sometimes do for reasons other than doing them for theirselves.

I have nothing prewritten for Thursdays. Sometimes for other days I will have several things going through my mind and just keep writing and will have things ready even if I'm not feeling it. Thursday blogs come out so easily that I seldom even have to think.

But today... It's just not here.
Reason for this is, I was reading something a woman wrote which really twisted my shorts and has me feeling a million tons of anger resting in my excuse for a brain.

Seems Ms. X has a hubby who is serving in our military. Well while hubby was away, Ms. X decided to play. She had, by her words, a pretty regular relationship going.
Hubby came home to find his dear love was a few weeks pregnant. She told him she had a weak moment and this was the result.
Hubby forgives her and wants to accept the child as his own and forgive and live happily ever after. (GREAT guy!)

Well, Ms. X says she no longer loves hubby and no longer has feelings for Romeo. But she is planning on staying with hubby and having the baby so the medical bills will be covered and she will be taken care of.

Then her plans are to leave hubby and get him for child support and possibly spousal support. She is also wondering about getting financial support from Mr. Romeo.

This kind of CRAP! Is what makes women all look bad to guys.

Yes, none should judge a book by it's cover and none should judge others just because of one bad person in the crowd.

Not all women are bad because one is a self centered, self serving, self absorbed, egotistical user and abuser of trust and love.
But... One like this can make all men very, very wary. Make all men look on all women with a non trusting, uncaring eye.
No different than one jerkwater abuser and user can make all women question all guys.

I don't care what you call it, karma, what goes around comes around, God's vengeance, balance of the universe or anything else. I've lived long enough that I've seen people like this. They may have a nice looking life for a while, but eventually they get repaid. Then there is also that emptiness they always do so well at hiding, but shows through like a blazing sun.

Ms. X will get her just deserts. Of that I'm sure.

It's the pain she and people like her cause others that bugs me the most.
Heck, I've been hurt enough to not even want someone in my life and throw up walls that are next to impossible to find a hole in. There is one who has managed to find a little pin hole after eleven years and is slowly making me feel feelings again.

But that hubby of Ms. X. There is a man. Sadly a man who very well may end up behind walls like mine. That and the fact that so many men will have this to lay rotting and gnawing in their minds. That is making me so sad and angry today.

If there are any guys reading this, remember. NOT all women are like this.
Honestly, most I have met and known in my life are so danged nice it makes your teeth melt and your heart become as soft as fresh marshmallows. They make you feel cared for even though your not theirs.

They really do deserve your care and respect. They deserve to be treated like perfection on pedestals. They care for children, do their best to treat and teach them right. They're willing (though I don't know why) to give us so much more than we could ever conceive of, or find it possible to pay for.

Perhaps like me, your mom was one of those. Perhaps like me you've been lucky enough to raise a daughter that's one of those. Perhaps like me you had a grandma that was one of those...

Let's not allow ourselves to let women like Ms. X destroy what we know a real woman is and the good she is capable of!

Sorry for the really angry rant here today. But I just could do nothing better.

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