Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yay School

Summer vacation is over. Moms are watching their sweet babies as they climb the steps of buses and are driven away to school.
Dad is at work and moms stand with tears in their eyes. But what are those tears?

Tears because their babies are growing up to fast? Tears for the fears that they won't be there to protect their cherished cherubs? Tears because their offspring are now stepping their first step to a life on their own, leaving mom behind and forsaking her for a teacher and friends?

Guess that's possible for the first year or so. Maybe even a few years after...

Could it be they first feel relief?
Time off from being a taxi driver. Free from being a problem solver. A respite from being a referee and peace maker. Hours to read that book they wanted to read. Time to think and learn rather than teach.

Now they will have a few hours to become women again. They can do the chores that are needed without twenty interruptions an hour. They can clean up the messes and spills and not have to worry about them for a few hours.

There's time to do the shopping. No little ones begging for junk. Maybe even some time to stroll casually through the womens shops without the embarrassment of little boys screaming, mom, what's that! No tiny tornado's tearing things from the shelves and racks.

They have their homes back, their places of refuge and solace. Even if only for a few hours. Once a few chores are done, they can relax. Maybe take a much needed nap. Maybe turn on some mellow music, draw a warm bath and soak their weary bodies.

Dream dreams as they did when they were younger and had time. No screaming or whining to interrupt. No mommy can I's, no mommy I'm bored, no mommy I wants. Just time to be a woman and feel.

Ahh, there it is, “feel”...
Now they feel guilty. Guilt that they are happy to see their little monsters go!
I must be the world most awful mom for having the feelings I have. Feelings of me, not them.

But ladies! Why? You've worked twenty four hours a day. Do you not deserve a few hours? Hours to once again feel like a woman. Several uninterrupted hours to pamper the wonderful being you are. Time to get back in touch with the sweet loving girl that hubby fell in love with.

Even if hubby's been a good man and helped with watching the children and doing chores around the home, it's you who was on duty 24/7. It's you who carried the burden of the home. It's time now for you!

There are still the daily chores. They can now be done in just an hour or so. There are still those things that needed to be done for months. Work on them one day at a time. Making sure you pencil in some you time on your daily calendar. Even an hour!

Face it, you'll still be on that 24 hour shift on the weekends. But by taking some you time that may be easier to take with a smile on your face. And there is still next summer... Need I say more?

You deserve some time and your time is now!
Relax, relish and rejuvenate! They'll be home quicker than you think...

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