Monday, September 19, 2011

Fulfilling Your Dream

Wonder why it is that some people say they want something, but then refuse to work their way towards having it.

Some even get off to a good start, but then give up. They find out there is actually work involved. They find out it's actually a struggle to have and hold on to what you want. Hmm, they thought that because others have it and and because they didn't see their struggle and hard work, that it was easy.

They only see the finished product of years of hard work and toil. They only want to see the good aspects.

What they refuse to see or hear about are the years of working two jobs to make a dream come true. The years of back breaking work. The years of not going out, but spending all the hours working both jobs instead. The years of watching friends have fun while you're building your dream. They have no idea of the friends you've lost that saw you finally get your dream when all they had for their efforts were bills.

Then they don't realize what effort it takes to hang on to your dream.

Wanting something doesn't make it easy. Having something isn't easy. Seeing someone who has already served their time and achieved their dream is only seeing the end result of their labors.

Dedication and the willingness to give up what everyone else is doing and putting in all the effort for what you want is the only way you'll eventually have it.

A little like crossing the ocean in a rowboat. A day without rowing and paying attention to where your going can cost you your dream...

To get what you want, it must become your life.

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