Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Strip King

No, relax, I'm not about to start taking my pants off and dancing on tables. Wouldn't want to lose the few followers I have!

I'm way past fed up with supporting the Electric Company in their endeavors to take over the world and all it's money.
Short of taking everything electrical out of my house that eats away at the electric usage and my bank account, I've bought more of those nice electric strips that have a shut off switch.

I won't even buy the ones that have the little light. Figure that when that's shut off there is still that stupid little light that eats a little electricity.
Besides the ones that just shut off are cheaper.

Ever wonder why the makers of all that junk think we need a clock in each one?
Ever turn your lights off after dark and saw how much light you still have even after turning everything including the lights off? Who needs a night light? Who needs a pretty fire for a warm glow? Just turn the lights off and you have the warm glow of all those stupid little lights!

I've even gone as far as to plug a strip into a strip.
Where my entertainment center is there are many things that love to whittle away at my pockets by remaining in a constant standby mode with their little lights burning my pennies and dimes.

There is only one thing there that needs electricity twenty four hours a day. That is the aquarium that sits on the bottom shelf. My little fishy buddies need their water filtered constantly and need air supplied because of the unnatural environment.

I also like that darned TV to come on and be ready to feed me all the useless news when I push the button. So I went as far as buying a new one that is super energy efficient, (So they claim).

Well, the TV and aquarium are now plugged into one strip. Another strip is plugged into that strip for the Stereo and it's attachments, the VCR/DVD and a few other seldom used things. Now I can shut off the power to the least used things and not have them just sitting there eating.

I also put those strips around the kitchen. Now when I want to use the appliances that have wasteful standby crap, all I have to do is turn the power strip on.

Seriously, why does every appliance need a clock. Everywhere I turn in the kitchen there is a clock to remind me of the time I'm losing from my life while being there.

I only have one clock in the kitchen I feel a love for. That is the one in the coffee maker. As much as I'd rather wake up and have someone hand me a cup of coffee with a kiss, a smile and a sweet good morning, that ain't happening. So a sweet loving coffee maker that has the coffee waiting when I arrive in the kitchen will have to do.

I've replaced most of the light bulbs with CFL's. One light above my sweetheart the coffee maker that gets left on until the sun finally comes up, was replaced with a LED light bulb. (They are claimed to use even less than CFL's.)

I've shut some things off, quit depending on some unneeded things and now I smile. While I hear neighbors complaining about electric bills in the hundreds, mine is between $50 and $60.00 per month.

But I'm considering some more ways to whittle that down even more...

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