Friday, September 2, 2011

Give It Up

Successful people give.

Sounds strange doesn't it. How can anyone give what they have and still be successful...

A successful business person can't be really successful if they don't hire people. They give people work and pay them wages for their work.
The better they pay their hired help the more willing the hired help is to give of theirself and give more and better for their boss or company.

The more the boss cares for their employees the more likely the employees will be to care for them and the business. Then as the employees give back, the boss is more likely to give more to them. So it all began with the business person giving and results in people giving back.

Now the business person had to have an idea of a product or service that could be preformed in exchange for earnings. Then had to be willing to start on their own to make those products or preform those services. Only then could the business grow and they could begin to give to others. Yet they had to give of their idea to others to earn profit to grow.

Much of life is the same.
Sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself and your situation does very little but make you a lonely martyr.

If the business person has a bad product or service, no one will do business with them and they'll soon be out of business.
Well if all you have is sadness and sorrow haw can you expect people to want to do business with you?

Feeling sorrow and sadness is going to happen. No way around it, it just will.
That's the time to challenge yourself and find your moral compass. The things that mean and matter to you. There is your foundation. The things you have to build your life on. Bad foundation, bad life. Good foundation, good life. Only you can decide which you want. Yet if yours are bad and harm others, others will deal with you...

Next you need to find your product. Search yourself to find your passions. What do you like and what makes you feel elated. Build on that, learn to give it strength and let it grow and begin to give that. Once you begin to give that to others, others will begin to give that to you.

To have friends, you need to give friendliness, not anger and hurt. To have love, you need to give love, not sorrow and angst.

The more it grows and you give, the more it will be returned to you and you'll receive. The more you receive, the more you'll have to give. With that simple little thing you will grow to be successful in whatever your after.

Want love and a relationship? Ask yourself, would you want a relationship with someone who mopes and cries all the time, or someone who smiles and shows hope and happiness?

Like any monkey on your back, once that habit is broke “you” will have your life back!

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