Friday, September 23, 2011

Road Map

Have you ever thought of what a perfect world would be for you?

What would your perfect world be like?

Might be interesting to write it down and put it in a drawer. A few years down the journey of life you'd find it and maybe get a smile as you read it and compare it to where you have come to in your journey.

If nothing else it could be your road map to where you want to be...

Everything in your life begins with a thought. Thoughts though are easily forgotten. When you take the time to quickly jot them down you are beginning to make a plan.

Want change in your life? Write it down. Go back a little later after thinking about it and change it if you need. Add ideas of what you'll need or need to do to get there.

I said it once before here that hanging your plan on a wall where you see it every day helps a lot. The reminder everyday helps you remember where you want to be. Encourages you when you see you have done something to get there.

It always works for me and I have no doubt at all that it could work for you.

So whether your doing it for fun or doing it for a purpose, do it this weekend.
Write down your thoughts of what would make your life better.

Come back and leave it in a comment if you want.
It could be fun to see the different ideas.
It could be a way of saving your ideas for you to come back and see later.

Before I go, I'd like to leave you with some blogs I've been reading a lot lately. I get smiles from them and you might too.

abbyhasissues This young lady tells about the issues in her life and is hilarious.

Attack of the Redneck Mommy This lady lets us in on her life and raising her kids. We all know the smiles that can come from that.

Oh Noa This funny lady can get a bit racy with the language, but she is so hilarious I sometimes spill my coffee (or spit it on the screen) when reading her blog.

Hey, I hope to see you here Monday! Have a great weekend and remember to share a smile with someone.

How about joining the site while your here? Tell your friends about the blog!
Comment, complain, ask a question or just say hi!
This world is really one big playground and we can share and get to know one another. By learning we stand a chance to accept differences and understand. 

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