Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting Along

Having a personal opinion on anything isn't hard. Having your own beliefs isn't hard.
What is hard is accepting that others have their own too and theirs matters as much as yours...

If everyone in the world thought the same and believed in all the same things just how boring would life be? We wouldn't have different inventions because we would have been satisfied with whatever was first used. But some different thinking person had an idea and made something different and better. If nor for them we would still be riding horses or walking everywhere.

Differing views on politics keeps politics fresh and as fair as possible. If not for differing views we would all be stuck living with a dictatorship or maybe with complete lawlessness. Differing views keeps things centered by allowing people to chose different people with different views to be elected.

Many times while discussing politics, I can see the point others make and while we discuss that we come to an agreement that a third possibility exists that would work better and be acceptable for both of us.

When something is bothering a neighbor and we have a discussion instead of claiming we are right, we can come to a mutual agreement that satisfies us both. That sure beats the inevitable feud that does nothing but destroy the peace of both of us.

By learning to get along and care about each other we have learned to watch out for each other and our properties. When we see something that doesn't look right or when we see people who don't seem to belong here, we check with each other and have helped keep each other safe and our properties safe.

It's not always necessary to come to a total agreement. Many times just understanding why someone feels the way they do can make their feeling and beliefs understandable. Then we can learn to respect each others difference and still get along as friends.

Sometimes even you can learn by listening to others. They may have a way of doing things that seems strange to you and you really don't like it. But when you take the time and learn about their ways you learn that it really may help you if you adapt it for yourself.

Religion is one of the things we will never all agree on. But when we take the time and learn of each others religion and the hows and whys, we can see their point of view. We can even think about how they fit into our own religious beliefs. That is if you really have your own and are not relying on what some preacher, priest or whatever tells you.

By learning about other peoples religion or lack of, we can learn to accept that they have different views and how we can mutually not step on each others toes by pressing our beliefs.

Learning about other cultures is always a great thing to me. I feel we here in the US have become stale and have become to dependent on stores and manufacturers. Many other cultures understand how to be more self sufficient. That is something we here have forgotten and have left die with our ancestors. So learning about someone else's culture can be very beneficial.

We really are one people, but we all have different likes, ways and views. Learning from anyone can be so much fun and can be so beneficial in understanding our own way and views even better. It's what makes us change for the better each and every day.

Now my only problem is that I keep learning of different food and they all smell and taste so great! But as I enjoy them and the company of those that are teaching them to me I have even more reason to smile. And with a smile begins love.

So today why not learn from others and share that smile!

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