Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Off

Saturday was a bit of a bummer. My son had to work so I ended up going fishing alone. That's not the worst thing that can happen, but it is nice to have someone to talk to on the drive and during periods where the fish don't bite.

When I am fishing alone old songs start playing through my head while I'm watching the surrounding hillsides for dear and other animals. Very seldom do I start any deep thinking. For some reason fishing is about the only thing I do that doesn't start my head to thinking. I just kind of relax and enjoy.

So there I was with the song, My baby does the hanky panky, going through my mind when a fish hit my line real hard. I mean “real” hard. Next thing I know I'm singing my fishy does the hanky panky while bringing him in. Not bad, it was a nice fourteen inch trout and he put up a fun fight.

A little while later I had stood up and started stretching and moving a bit. I turned around to see a dear about fifty feet behind me so I was watching and talking to him real calmly. Next thing I know I hear a splash! Another nice bite that knocked the tip of my pole into the water. So I forgot about the dear and focused on bringing another nice trout in. This one who was about twelve inches, was added to the stringer also.

Little bit later I was getting bored again, so I was watching a flock of geese waddle along the field on the other side of the stream from me. BANG! Another good hit. This time a ten inch trout was added to the stringer.

After about an hour with no more bites I was getting bored again, but knew I was in a great spot so I wasn't leaving. I took one of my two poles and changed to a smaller hook and started playing with the pan fish. I managed to get a bunch of bluegills to bite and ended up keeping two that were pretty nice size.

Once while playing with the pan fish I had another nice bite on the other rod. This time it was a catfish and he was a lot of fun as he dove for the bottom and the weeds while I was pulling him in. As soon as I put on fresh bait and casted in again a perch of about ten inches bite with a vengeance.

I like the taste of perch, but I like bigger perch because of all the bones you have to eat around, so he went back in to grow a bit bigger. I put new bait on again and casted to a spot that looked great. While waiting for a bite on that line I picked up the other rod and started playing again. Caught several more bluegill, a few small mouth bass that were to small for me to want to keep and some more small perch.

While playing I noticed some guy coming up the creek. He stopped to chat a bit and he said he hadn't had a bite. He also said he worked his way up the creek for about half a mile. He asked if I was doing any good. I turned my head towards where my stringer was and he then noticed my pretty full stringer. So there was no need for me to rub my good luck in.

I told him there was a really great spot right on the other side of the creek from where I was. So he went back downstream where it was narrower and shallower and waded across. He got a few nice looking fish while there and I got one more nice trout about fourteen inches long, but I had enough fish for about three dinners already so I tossed him back for next time.

All in all it was a pretty good day, even if I was alone for most of it. And mother nature gave me plenty to smile about while I was there.
I'm thinking that tomorrow, Sunday, will be another good day and this time I might even get to spend a day fishing with my son.

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