Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good Enough

Whatever I do is not good enough
I'm never good enough
I'm not worthy
I'm not perfect and nobody will love me
I have to work hard to get it just right, but it's never enough and I'm completely exhausted
It's an uphill battle, all the time

It's so easy for other people
I don't have a chance
I don't deserve to feel good about myself
My father or mother didn't think I was good enough or worth it, maybe they were right
I'll never have anything but this pain in my heart
There is something wrong with me

We all have these thoughts, but we don't have to keep them...
Instead think differently! It will take time to adjust but you can do it!

Allow yourself to relax and just be you.
Tell yourself the time for healing is now.
Give yourself permission to enjoy life.
Admit to yourself you are just perfect as you are.

Focus on your accomplishments every day no mater how big or small.
Write all your daily accomplishment down.

Love just is, love has nothing to do with being the best you or doing everything right. Love is accepting of differences. Love is understanding.
Get away and stay away from anyone who tries to tell you different or that tries to tell you your not good enough. If in an abusive relationship, get away and find help.

I allow me to do it my way and anyone who says I shouldn't or can't is wrong.
Find a way to do it your way that really works for you and do it.

My life is joyful and calm, I feel safe and relaxed with other people who “I choose”.
I am free to be me.
The truth is I am the perfectly, wonderful, beautiful me.

I am loved and appreciated by the universe just as I am.
I trust the flow of life the universe has given me.
I choose to let the world see me shine right now.

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