Thursday, June 16, 2011

Plans Change

Was hoping to do one last day of fishing on Tuesday, but I really lost the urge. My son's pup Rodeo got real sick and died on Monday night. He hadn't eaten on Sunday or Monday and was real listless. We gave him some meds and were hoping they would work.

Well late Monday evening he laid down at my sons feet and went to sleep and just quit breathing. So I just lost the urge to go have fun. My son was off again on Tuesday and we did have to go pick up some parts, but after we did, we came home and just worked at finishing up the weeding in the garden.

Neither of us slept real well Monday night and we just didn't have much to say all day Tuesday.
I wasn't going to get close to that little pup, but he changed my mind. He and I had gotten so close that sometimes we wondered if he was my sons dog or mine.

So that's two hard hits my son had to take this week. I'm really going to have to come up with something really special for his birthday... Oh no! I'm writing this on Tuesday for Thursdays post and Thursday is his birthday! Uh oh, I really have to do some serious thinking for a gift for him... Two days, how will I do it? What could I possibly get for him? Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

But isn't that just like a guy... Wait until the last minute to find the perfect gift. Most of us really do seem to have that tendency. Maybe it's because we think better under pressure. Or is it that because of the pressure we don't have time to over think and end up making bad decisions...

So many times in life I have seen people who over think make bad decisions. Heck I'm guilty of doing that myself... When looking back I can see where all the times I've flown by the seat of my pants everything went better and every time it was much more fun.

Even something as simple as a party. When parties were just thrown together at the last minute, everyone including me, the host, would have a really great time. But when a party was planned and thought out real careful, it became a chore and there was always something stupid that was forgotten.

Gifts. Now there is another thing I mess up with when I think about them to much. If I just go and quickly make a decision it seems that my instinct knows exactly the perfect gift.

Kinda like when I'd be on my way home from work and suddenly get an urge to stop for flowers for the women I've dated and been with during my life. Sometimes after getting them I'd think they were the stupidest looking flowers in the world. But when I'd get there and hand them to the ladies, they would love them...

But let me make plans, like around Valentines day and pick out the perfect bouquet... Ehh, they were never quite as big of a hit. Yah, they looked pretty and would always get me a kiss and hug, but there was never that twinkle in the eyes that the flowers I'd get at other times gave.

So there you go guys! Don't say a word. Just stop on your way home and grab a nice bunch of flowers and give them to your gal. See if they don't bring a spark and a twinkle. She really might love them enough to give you a really great evening!

When you hand them to her you might even give her a great big smile! But be sure to include the “Just because I love you”!

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