Friday, June 3, 2011

Time For You

Ever wonder why some people just keep getting hurt over and over again. Then they sit around feeling blue and miserable. Longing for someone to talk to that will ease their pain. Wishing they had someone to take them in their arms and make them feel wanted or loved.

Most broken hearted, lonely people I know or have met are the most caring people you could meet. Could that be the reason they were hurt so deeply by someones hurtful words or ways...

So lonely and craving love you'll accept anyone who even smiles and talks to you. You are so happy that finally you've met someone that can understand and care, you give yourself, only to be hurt again. Blinded and unable to see they were just users out to get their itch scratched...

Being alone after a break up or even after a death is hard. Your entire plan for life is now changed and you don't know which way to turn. The comfort of being with someone you knew has disappeared. The person you relied on to always be there for you to talk to is gone.

Then being alone comes in. You don't feel comfortable being with people you knew as a couple. You don't want to be the fifth wheel. You feel your imposing on their good time and will only bring them to sadness.

But this well may be the time to reevaluate your life and all your choices. Maybe the time to search yourself and decide on a new path for your life. Maybe the time to discover just what kind of person you want in your life instead of the same type that always brings you sorrow.

Then when you do meet someone, maybe this is the time to slow down and really get to know them before letting them get to close. A few weeks or even a few months is not long enough to really know someone.

I've fallen for women and even a few months later heard them say things that contradicted what they said before. That's also something I've heard from women about guys they were with.

Given enough time people that lie trip theirselves up. It's just to hard to remember every lie and to hard to keep covering up the real feelings. The truth always comes out but it takes time.

When you allow yourself to fall for someone to fast you don't have the time to really learn everything you should know. Then your hurt again by someone you call a selfish idiot.

Your heart and feelings belong to you. It's your responsibility to protect them from all the selfish people out there. It's your duty to you to take the time you really need to get to know someone before letting them get close enough that they can hurt you.

So next time you find yourself interested in someone, smile and be friendly but take that time that's needed to learn who it is your becoming interested in.

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