Monday, June 6, 2011

Live And Learn

The super wet spring weather broke and we've been very busy here. So for the past few weeks we've been going at it on a kind of regular basis. Sleep, wake, work, shower, sleep. We are working about sixteen hour days just trying to play catch up and get things planted.

This year we have had so much rain that the hay grew fast and very well. So while we're still planting we also have hay making to do. Then there are the inevitable break downs and repairs on the equipment. Those lead to unplanned trips for parts. We can try and stock normal parts that wear out, but in the strange way life has of working, we never have the part we need.

So this year is even bringing work straight through the weekend. Yes, even on Sunday. But yesterday we started early and got finished what needed to be done, ran for some materials and parts and came in the house at about two in the afternoon.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned up then went to my room to get some fresh clean clothes on. I sat on my bed and decided to lay back and straighten my aching back out. Ha ha, I woke up at exactly five. Just in time to be late to go to my dear daughters for dinner.

So we rushed off to her place and had a nice cooked dinner. I think that was actually the first dinner we've had in about five days. Now we're not starving, we have been eating lunch pretty regular when we ran for parts or supplies we needed during the past five days. But by the time evening or even night gets here we are to tired to eat, let alone make something healthy to eat.

If everything goes well for the next week though we will be caught up to where we should be this time of year. Maybe even a little ahead since the hay was early. But I'm getting to old for this kind of stuff. I really want a nice shade tree and some time to play catch up on sleep.

But with all the rain we had straight through the spring I just knew this is what would be happening this year. So yes, life is a struggle. But as I have heard and thoroughly believe, when the going gets tough the tough get going. And that going isn't running away and hiding.

No, when things start to get you down, I've found it best to vent by complaining, but then just get with it and do what ever it is that needs to be done. Even though at times things seem overwhelming, there is an end to those times and then life gets back to normal. At least for a short bit!

Life it self is doing great. I've seen many very young fawns this year and bunnies to many to count. Saw a fox the other day and yelled at him to leave my chickens alone. Sure hope he listens... The birds all have little ones and many nests with eggs in them. We did have one robins nest in the yard that wasn't built to well and the wind blew it from a tree one night. All the eggs were broken...

So even some wild animals have to learn from mistakes and become better at being theirselves. Same as we humans. We live, make mistakes and hopefully learn from them how to better ourselves. That's something they can't teach in schools and no one can do for us. We just have to decide to do it for ourselves.

Well, it's off to another busy day and smiles by the hundreds. So join in and smile as you go about your own day of learning and loving all this world has to offer!

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